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Run The Ultimate Summer Influencer Campaign

Learn how to successfully leverage influencers for your next summer campaign!

Lena Young
July 27, 2021

The sun is shining and influencers are ‘graming. That means it’s time to run a summer-themed campaign promoting your brand during (almost) everyone’s favorite time of year.

Summer 2021 Influencer Campaign

If you’re scratching your head thinking, “what is a summer campaign?” Don’t worry, it’s not anything more than it sounds. A summer campaign is simply a campaign set during the summer promoting your product. Some products are really associated with summer, like sunscreen and beach towels, while others simply give off “Summer 2021” vibes. 

In honor of this wonderful season; with longer days, warmer weather, and less concern, we’ve decided to rebound up some exciting campaigns that made us feel nice and summery. From a fun bathing suit brands, to the Olympics, here are some wonderful campaigns that got us in the mood for Summer 2021, come rain or come shine.

3 Summer Campaigns We Love!

1. Hawaiian Tropic: #HawaiianTropic 

There is nothing more summery than putting on the sunscreen before heading out the door. Everyone has a favorite sunscreen brand, but, for me, there is no brand better than Hawaiian Tropic. The products have such a unique smell that immediately transports me back to my favorite summer memory. 

This summer Hawaiian Tropic is promoting a line of SPF-infused face moisturizer, which is both breathable and protective for the summer. IN this fun campaign, followers of the brand’s partners can enter a chance to win a limited edition bath bomb. 

The Influencer: @heytherecurls

Heather B. is a travel influencer who brings together a passion for naturally curly hair and fabulous getaways. Her targeted audience makes her the perfect candidate for a brand looking to connect with engaged users passionate about skincare and looking for a thought leader on the topic. 

2. Summersalt:  #GoSummersalt

You know what else is summery, bathing suits. And, before you roll your eyes, people buy bathing suits in the winter for Caribbean getaways. But, I’m actually talking about the summer bathing suit body. Not the unattainable, summer body, I’m talking about the idea that every ”body “is already a summer body.  This is exactly the message conveyed in Summersalt’s recent campaign.

The bathing suit company enlisted a roster of diverse and beautiful women of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds, to show that there is no such thing as one summer body. Everybody is ready for the beach! 

The Influencer: @theimpossiblemuse

Lauren Wasser is a fashion model and double amputee. Her look my be unconventional but her beauty is undeniable, making her a perfect partner for a brand supporting the diversity of beauty and empowering women. 

3. Ferragamo: #SilkYourStyle

A great thing about summer is the fashion. From crop tops to light weight materials, if you’re not really into layers this is the season for you. For the real fashionistas, one of the best things about the summer is “summer scarfing”. Yes, I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, why would you wear a scarf in the summer. However, there is something extremely chic about knowing how to perfectly tie a knot in the summer. 

Ferragamo, the Italian fashion label, partnered with some of the most fashionable influencers to promote their line of summer silks. The content certainly inspired ideas for summer outfits. 

The Influencer: @jennymwalton

If you’re into fashion, you know Jenny Walton. Known for her killer vintage looks, amazing fashion illustrations, and quirky sense of humor, she’s got some serious fashion street cred. Oh, and she is married to The Sartorialist. Her brand partnerships have always been methodical and super aligned with her own sense of style, giving her a true sense of authenticity. Thus, making the partnership with Ferragamo feel real and really boosting my need for a silk scarf this summer. 

Bonus Campaign: United Airlines, #MyUnitedJourney

What’s more Summer 2021 than the Olympics, and who is more Olympics than Simon Biles? United Airlines partnered with the Olympic gold Medalist and sponsored her flight to Tokyo for the Olympic games. 

The campaign is a great way for the brand to connect with Simon’s 4.4M followers!

Run a Summer Campaign!

Summer’s not over yet. It’s time for you to run the ultimate summer campaign and connect with a highly passionate audience that is passionate about your brand. If you’re looking to leverage influencers to achieve your goals schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts and learn how Klear can help you scale your marketing strategy.