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3 Reasons People Leave Klear

Though we are proud of our insanely-low churn rate, we wanted to know what made some clients leave. Here are the findings.

Lena Young
March 28, 2019

For marketers, selecting the right tool can be complicated. From social media to email marketing, each process of the marketing cycle requires a complex software – influencer marketing is no different. Though influencer marketing is a relatively new industry, already there are several platforms on the market all attempting to make the process easier.

Klear helps brands connect and collaborate with influencers. While many of our clients feel they’re getting the most out of their Klear experience, 5% do not renew their subscriptions. There are many factors that contribute to churn, but we assume that if our product truly served its purpose external factors wouldn’t matter.

We decided to assess the various causes of churn amongst Klear clients; to learn how we can improve our product and so prospective clients can assess if Klear is the right tool for them.

1. Company Focused on Short-Term Results

We’ve seen two scenarios where clients churned due to short-term needs:

  1. Brands and agencies that decided to run a single campaign, rather than implement influencer marketing into annual strategies
  2. Clients who run one-off campaigns for a single and immediate purpose: direct-sales, followers, etc.

Even if the goal is ‘immediate results’, influencer campaigns are by nature a long-term strategy. So, whether the purpose is brand awareness or direct-sales, the lasting impact of a campaign can take from weeks to months to understand. Long story short, influencer marketing is a commitment.

*Tip: If you’re not in it for the long-haul then it might not be the strategy for you

2. It’s Too Expensive

There are many different ways to use Klear. The platform acts as an influencer search engine, a CRM, and an influencer analytics tool. Each use-case is offered at a high quality, allowing brands to build and maintain their influencer marketing strategy. However, the truth is, not every brand needs a complex tool like Klear.

Brands that have already integrated influencer marketing into their strategy can justify the cost of Klear, as all of the features are utilised efficiently. However, smaller brands ,and those new to influencer marketing may have a hard time implementing Klear’s comprehensive capabilities. In these cases we would recommend a less sophisticated tool until there is a deeper understanding of the market and strategy.

*Tip: Identify what you want to achieve from influencer marketing before purchasing a tool

3. Influencer Marketing is Overwhelming

For many, influencer marketing is a daunting undertaking. Many brands have little insight as to how much work goes into an influencer program; research, content, creative brainstorms, budgeting, synchronizing, and not to mention maintaining a relationship with influencers.

While Klear supports all processes of the influencer campaign, support and execution are very different.

While Klear does provide the tools to identify influencers, manage and monitor campaigns, much of the heavy lifting (conceptualizing and executing) is up to marketers. And, without in-house expertise, Klear just won’t serve its purpose. In such a case customers may decide to transition to an agency.

We understand why companies may opt to outsource their activity, and interestingly many of our clients are agencies who feel the Klear platform supports the needs of their clients. At the end of the day, Klear is a tool meant to support the entire workflow of an influencer program. It does not replace an in-house professional or service provider.

*Tip: Outsourcing influencer campaigns means outsourcing influencer relations.

Unsure if Klear is the right tool for your brand? Reach out so we can discuss how Klear can support your strategy!