Product Update: Link Tracking Capability

We are pleased to announce that we are offering our customers the ability to share trackable links with influencers. Receive real-time insights!

As more brands incorporate influencer partnerships into their marketing strategy, it’s essential that marketers have a way of monitoring their impact of their campaigns. We are pleased to announce that we are offering our customers the ability to share trackable links with influencers, in order to receive a complete picture of campaign performance. Klear users will receive real-time insights on link performance, for a complete picture of the customer journey. 

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Klear Launches Link Tracking For Holistic Influencer Campaign Analytics

New Bitly Integration Allows Klear Customers To Monitor Campaign Performance By Clicks and Conversions

Today Klear, the leading influencer marketing platform, announced that customers can share trackable links to monitor campaign clicks and conversions. With this integration, Klear users will create customized links, send them directly to influencers, and track links for granular data on campaign performance, thus providing brands with a 360 view of the customer journey. Trackable links can be used across any social platform, even instagram stories, and all data will be aggregated and available to view on Klear and Google Analytics.

As the influencer marketing industry expands, so too does the need to connect influencer activities and the sales cycle. This new capability empowers marketers to understand exactly how influencer campaigns impacted customer touchpoints such as website visits and purchases. Such insights are incredibly valuable as they shed light on the authenticity of an influencer’s audience. With the prevalence of fake followers and auto-liking bots, follower count is not always the best indication of influence. Now, marketers can review 1st party data, and truly understand how each influencer benefits brand goals.


“Influencers campaigns may begin on social media, but they don’t end there,” Klear CEO and Co-Founder, Eytan Avigdor. “We know that in order for our clients to run the most successful campaigns they need tangible insights on the impact of their influencer programs. Link tracking now completes the picture of the customer journey, and allows marketers to evaluate ever aspect of their campaign.”

It is not uncommon for marketing teams to use multiple softwares in their workflow, often having to switch between two or more tools to successfully execute an influencer campaign. The new Bitly integration is meant to provide synergy for brands using multiple tools, while seamlessly measuring campaign impact. This new feature is one of many new updates to Klear’s industry leading software including; updated campaign reports, real-time notifications, 1st-party audience demographic data, and a newly enhanced ROI estimation.

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