New: Competitive Analysis For Influencer Marketing

We are rolling out two very exciting new features that will elevate your influencer marketing strategy by enabling more comprehensive influencer vetting and competitor assessment.

Lena Young
December 16, 2020

Part of what makes Klear the leading influencer marketing platform is that we are always improving and enhancing our offering. Whether it is to stay on top of industry trends (hello, TiKTok) or to answer the needs of clients. We are always looking for ways to make Klear even better. And, our newest updates definitely do just that. 

We are rolling out two very exciting new features that will elevate your influencer marketing strategy by enabling more comprehensive influencer vetting and competitor assessment. Learn how these new features can support your influencer goals! 

Feature Updates:

1. Brand Search

Discovering new influencers for collaboration is one of the most important stages of an influencer campaign. It requires a clear understanding of a campaign’s objectives and the target audience you wish to connect with. Since many campaigns have very specific objectives and niche target audiences, Klear has influencer search filters. These filters let you set specific parameters for the type of influencer you would like to collaborate with include; location, age, gender, industry, influencer type, audience age, audience location, and more. 

We are taking our search filter capability up a notch by letting you filter influencers by a specific brand name. All you do is simply type in the name of a brand, and all of the influencers that have collaborated with the brand will appear in your search results. Voila! 

2. Comprehensive Influencer Content Portfolio

Our profiles were already pretty awesome. We showed you all the brands that an influencer had mentioned along with a #ad. However, we understood that while #ad is the most common way to indicate a paid collaboration, it is not the only way. So, in order to ensure our users were able to evaluate the scale of an influencer’s collaborations, we enhanced the technology driving Klear to identify any brand mention or any indication of a branded collaboration. 

Basically, influencer profiles that once showed 15 brands can now show 50+ brands. Any time an influencer mentioned a brand, or used a hashtag that was relevant to an influencer campaign, Klear now aggregates that content to an influencer profile. 

How To Perform a Competitive Analysis 

While these two new features are great on their own, they are extremely useful when performing a competitive analysis. 

What is a competitive analysis?

A competitive analysis is an important research component of your influencer marketing strategy. It allows you to uncover your competitors’ influencer strategy, discover opportunities for success, and identify market gaps that no brands in your industry have yet to take advantage of. Klear’s influencer marketing technology is the perfect resource for performing a thorough competitive assessment. 

Step 1: Discover Influencers That Have Collaborated With Competitors

Using Klear’s brand search filter, search for your competitors, and discover which influencers they have collaborated with. Review collaboration content and identify the goals of your competitors and the type of audience they are trying to connect with. This can offer a better understanding of your competitor and what type of market they are penetrating. 

Step 2: Discover Brands That Have Collaborated With Your Influencers 

Leverage Klear’s vast content portfolio, and review all brands that an influencer has collaborated with. This can help you understand the type of audience an influencer is good at connecting with and the type of collaborations that they have been successful in performing in the past. 

Step 3: Identify The Key Markets Your Competitors Engage With

With Klear’s comprehensive influencer demographic data, identify the key markets your competitors are engaging with through their influencer campaigns. Which demographics are they penetrating with influencers? Which regions are strategic for them? What values are they promoting? And, what opportunities does this present to you?

Step 4: Identify Which Social Channels Your Competitors Leverage

Using Klear’s content portfolio’s identify which social channel and content format your competitor is optimizing the most. This allows you to discover which channels are saturated by your industry, and which channels offer the most opportunity. 

Step 5: Include Competitive Insights In Your Influencer Strategy 

Once you have completed your comprehensive analysis, aggregate your results and, identify your key areas of opportunity. This should be pivotal in creating your influencer marketing strategy, and allow you to enter new campaigns and collaborations with ease and confidence. 

Let’s Talk About Your Influencer Strategy

Klear is always releasing new features to ensure that our platform is providing a relevant experience that aligns with market trends. To learn more about how our features can support your brand’s goals, schedule a call with one of Klear’s influencer marketing experts.