Klear Search 2.0: A New Way To Find Influencers!

The foundation of a successful influencer marketing campaign is rooted in the ability to identify the perfect influencers to support your goals. This requires having an influencer search strategy that enables you to pinpoint the specific influencer you need.


How To Find the Perfect Influencer

The foundation of a successful influencer marketing campaign is rooted in the ability to identify the perfect influencers to support your goals. This requires having an influencer search strategy that enables you to pinpoint the specific influencer you need to succeed. In some cases, this requires discovering influencers that have had past collaborations with specific brands, or who have mentioned specific terms like “menopause” to understand if you and the creator are like-minded. 

We understand how important influencer search and discovery are in the campaign process. Klear already has one of the most sophisticated influencer discovery tools in the biz, with the ability to perform segmented searches by a variety of relevant parameters. And now, we have taken our Search feature to the next level, ensuring that you are in full control of the influencer discovery process. 

Influencer Discovery Made Simple

We’ve made some major changes to our influencer discovery capabilities, enhancing the way Klear users can find relevant influencers. This overhaul comes with more targeted search criteria, allowing you to select the parameters for finding your next collaboration.

We made these improvements to ensure that your ability to find influencers is up to speed with the time-sensitive nature of social media. Meaning now if you would like to find an influencer based on a trending topic, you can do that!

New Interface

First things first, when you enter the influencer discovery tool you’ll notice a bit of a UI change. We did this to make things easier for you. Now you will see various topics that categorize the ability to discover influencers by a general topic, sub-topic, and hashtag.

The New Klear Search

Our new search feature now has 3 search criteria.

1. Topic

This is a broad, general topic or #hashtag that can help you identify influencers who are thought leaders in a specific space. These topics help you find influencers that have posted relevant content, and whose audience is engaged and interested in the specific topic. The Topic filter is available for every network.


  • Yoga
  • #hathayoga
  • Travel
  • #ootd

2. Keyword

A keyword search should be used for niche searches or time-sensitive searches that do not fall under a general topic. These search results will only render the influencers who have mentioned the specific keywords in their content.

Keyword searches are useful as they can indicate a creator on a similar subject matter. For example, searching “tampon” can help identify those who also are willing to post about general female hygiene.

The Keyword filter is only available for TikTok and Instagram.


  • Tampon
  • #blacklivesmatter
  • Cinco de mayo
  • うどん


3. Brand

A brand search will allow you to identify influencers who have collaborated with a specific brand. This is a great way to find influencers that are working in a similar space and have high engagements or to perform an influencer audit on your competitors. All searches must be by the brand’s Instagram handle. The Brand filter is only available for Instagram.


  • @spotify
  • @walmart

How Does It Work?

To help you understand just how great the new search is, we’ll walk you through exactly how you would use it with a few examples.

1. How To Use Search To Discover Fashion Influencers

Topic: Fashion

One way to discover fashion-oriented influencers is by using the topic “fashion”, which will help you identity creators who post relevant content as well as an audience engaged in said content.

Keyword: “Second Hand”

If you’re looking for influencers who are not necessarily in the fashion industry but are environmentally conscious, a search such as “second hand” will be perfect. This can help identify those who have mentioned relevant terms in their content and point you in the right direction.

Brand: @thredup

Another way to identify relevant influencers is to search for similar brands and find influencers who are collaborated with them in the past. If you’re running an environmental fashion campaign, searching for a brand like Thred Up will help you discover influencers who are chic and environmentally friendly.

2. How to Use Search To Discover Non-English Speaking Influencers.

Keyword: うどん

Klear currently only offers “Topics” in English. So, using a non-English keyword can help you identify influencers from specific countries or those who create content in a specific language on a specific topic. For example, if you’re trying to identify a Japanese-speaking food influencer “うどん” or “Udon”  would be a great keyword search as it will help you identify influencers how have mentioned the traditional Japanese dish. 

3. Topics vs. Keywords

Another important thing to understand is that certain searches are better as Topics than Keywords. Here are a few examples:

  • Travel
    Travel is a very broad, and general term. We would recommend using Travel as a Topic, as it will help you identify influencers that have travel content and an engaged audience. Using Travel as a Keyword will just identify people who have mentioned Travel in their content, which does not make someone a travel influencer.
  • Pizza
    Same as with Travel, mentioning Pizza does not make you a pizza influencer.
  • Black Lives Matter
    This is an excellent keyword, it will help you discover influencers who have mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement in their content. While it is a topic, it tends to be more of something that people mention and would be easier to discover people through a keyword search.

4. Hashtag Search

Another way to discover influencers is by a #hashtag search. This will lead to different results depending on if you do a Hashtag as a Topic search or a Hashtag as a Keyword search. Here are some examples:

Topic: #coffee

A Topic search of #coffee will render influencers who have generated engagement around the hashtag #coffee, and whose audience is also using this hashtag. In general, when doing a hashtag search under the topic, a broader subject is better because you are trying to identify a network of engaged people. 

Broad hashtags would be: #coffee, #pizza, #travel, #parenting, #lgbt. All of which identify a community of like-minded individuals that are passionate about a specific topic. 

Keyword: #coffee

A Keyword search will only render individuals who have specifically mentioned #coffee in their content. We recommend using a keyword search for more niche topics, many people mention coffee, it won’t help you identify a coffee influencer immediately. For a keyword #hashtag search, we would recommend something more specific like; #coldbrew, #robusta, #darkroast, #nitrocoffee, #flatwhite

5. YouTube Search

Discover YouTube influencers that have mentioned a specific Keyword or Phrase in their video title or description. This will improve your ability to discover the best YouTuber for your upcoming campaign, who has mentioned relevant keywords and have content that supports your goals. 

Keyword Examples:

  • Gaming 
  • Fortnite
  • Interior Design 
  • DIY Table 
  • Beauty Tips
  • Vans
  • Unboxing

Coming Soon: TikTok Search!

We are improving our TikTok search capabilities, making it easier for you to identify your next TikTok collaboration. Contact your account manager if you would like to Beta test this new update.  

Discover The Perfect Influencer

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