Klear is officially part of Meltwater!

We are thrilled to announce that Klear is officially part of Meltwater!


It’s been 9 years since we started this adventure. Since then we’ve been building, innovating, selling, growing, celebrating small victories, and learning from (many) mistakes. Our journey was an uphill climb until we arrived at Klear: the enterprise influencer marketing platform that you know and love today. 

Four years ago Meltwater searched for the best partner in the space. Jorn and Niklas (CEO and COO) came all the way to our small office in Israel to meet us in person. The Meltwater story inspired us, how a bootstrapped company grew to 1.8K employees across 60 offices, 28K clients and $370m+ ARR. But, for us the best part was seeing how such a big organization can move fast, while maintaining a culture that employees love and feel inspired by.  

We continue our adventure with the exciting news that Klear has officially joined Meltwater.

“The rise of the influencer marketing space – today a 10 billion-dollar industry growing 50 percent per year – is one of the clearest examples of how social media is transforming traditional marketing. Back in 2017, Meltwater partnered with Klear after doing a global search for the best product in this space. Together we have successfully won clients such as Nestlé, Walmart, OGILVY, Audi, H&M, BMW and Bvlgari. We can now fully combine Klear’s industry leading product with Meltwater’s global customer reach and create a formidable player to shape the future of the social influencer marketing space.”

John Box, Meltwater CEO

What does this mean for clients? 

The Klear product you all know and love will remain as it is today, with the same leadership driving innovation, but now with the resources of a global enterprise. Your dedicated account manager will remain your point of contact, and all communication with the Klear team will stay the same.

What does this mean for the company?

This announcement marks a key milestone for Klear as it will accelerate the journey toward becoming the world’s most trusted Influencer Marketing Technology Platform.

Klear has reached an important stage and now the right strategic partner can help boost and scale business. Going forward, you can expect the same drive for excellence, continued innovation, quicker product development, and complementary solutions.

We believe Influencer Marketing has become a strategic channel that all brands will include in overall marketing initiatives. This partnership will establish a leading all-in-one platform for Marketing & PR teams. 

Anything else? 

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for being our partner and trusted advisor. Everything we’ve built is based on what we’ve learned from our clients, and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Here’s to a new chapter together! 🥂

Eytan Avigdor, Klear CEO