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Klear’s Influencer Search Engine Gets Even Better

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Lena Young
April 21, 2019

With so many influencers available, it can be hard to determine who is legitimate and who isn’t. That’s why it is crucial to work with a reliable influencer search engine that is setting adequate filters to ensure your brand creates the best partnerships.

A majority of tools on the market will discover influencers based on the influencer bio and their follower count, but that’s not the end of the story. An Influencer is about doing not saying.

With Klear, we have a holistic approach to discovering influencers. We look at the whole picture; what an influencer says and the impact their actions have. If you’re looking to make an impactful influencer partnership, this is the approach you need.

The Only Search Engine of Its Kind

The Klear Search Engine helps marketers identify the perfect influencer for their brand and campaign objective. Imagine you’re looking for an Interior Design influencer. The most common methodology is to identify all the influencers who label themselves as ‘interior designers’, and then examine the number of followers. That’s not exactly how we do things.

Being an influencer means having the power to influence a network. And, merely looking at the number of followers while ignoring engagement does not eliminate the option of fake followers. So, we established the Klear Ranking Score, which evaluates network engagement to understand what kind of buzz an influencer is capable of generating.

The Klear Ranking Score uses many sophisticated parameters to identify top influencers across any category. A few examples are; hashtags activity, network analysis, ecosystem evaluation, and image characteristics. All of which paint a complete picture of whether someone is; a) driving consistent content around a topic, and b) respected by their peers.

This Klear Ranking Score is based on both the quantity and quality of content and engagement. Similar to the way Google ranks websites, giving higher scores to websites linked to popular websites, Klear ranks influencers on engagement with important people.

Search Engine 2.0: Niche Discovery

Now we’re taking our search capabilities up a notch, offering users the ability to search for influencers by specific persona criteria.

Whether you’re looking for influencers that are leveraging a niche topic or driving engagement in a localized community, The Klear Ranking Score will identify leading influencers by the most targeting topic searches.

We’ve rebranded the ‘skill’ section in our search engine to ‘topic’, and increased our topic tree from 60Ks to over 1M topics. Making it easier to connect with the most relevant influencers.

If you’re looking to partner with influencers leading important social conversations such as #ClimateChange or #MeToo, or by localized communities like #QueerAbad or #メイク, our search engine will identify those leading the conversation. Influencers who have proven high engagement around the niche topic will get a higher score.

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