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Klear Connect: The Best Way To Manage Influencer Relationships!

Easily manage all influencer collaboration with Klear Connect, a built in communication portal for complete influencer management.

Lena Young
June 28, 2021

Back in 2019, we launched Klear Connect, an exciting suite of features and tools that enables you to manage all touch-points of your influencer relationships directly from Klear. From in-app messaging to content approval to conversation logs, Klear Connect helped Klear clients build lasting relationships with influencers with seamless collaboration. 

So far, Klear Connect has been used to manage over 100K influencer collaborations. Based on past collaborations and user requests, we have now upgraded our Connect capabilities and are thrilled to share these new enhancements with you! 

All-In-One Influencer Collaboration


Klear Connect empowers clients to successfully onboard new influencers right from the beginning of a campaign by sending customizable campaign briefs that include all relevant information. Campaign briefs are extremely important as they create transparency between you and your influencers by clearly outline campaign deliverables. You can create a mood board for references, explain posting frequency, and a list of dos and don’ts so they can better understand your brand.

Direct Messaging

Use Connect’s integrated direct messaging feature, and enjoy seamless communication with your influencer. Klear saves a record of all communication, which visually replicates standard messaging services making it easy to follow. This means no more messy email threads, and your entire team can easily follow where everything stands with each influencer. 

Additionally, users can connect their email service to Klear, enabling Klear to aggregate all influencer emails within your communication portal. Klear Connect then tracks all emails. And… Yes, there is more! Use Connect to send bulk messages to all the influencers in your campaign, eliminating manual work.

Content Approval

With our content approval feature, you can see influencer content before it goes live to ensure that it fits with your campaign and aligns with brand values. Influencers will submit content for approval through Connect, and you can either approve or reject the submission. Rejected content can include feedback so influencers can understand what you are not happy with. Ensuring collaboration is beneficial for both parties, and you are building lasting relationships.

Send and Sign Contracts

We weren’t kidding when we said Connect handles all stages of influencer collaboration, which even includes contracts. You can directly send influencers contracts from within Connect, and the contracts can be e-signed by the influencers. And, the status of each influencer is easily visible so you can see who has and has received and/or signed a contract yet, keeping the entire team aligned.

Process Payments

One of the most exciting features of Connect is the ability to process immediate transactions, thus reducing friction as well as reliance on finance teams. We understood that influencer payments were a roadblock for many teams, as amounts are small and must be processed regardless of fiscal calendars. Our payment feature is really your own personal finance team. It lets you, the influencer, select your preferred payment method, putting you in control of the process. We support 97 different currencies and 6 payment methods to choose from including; ACH, Check, Wire, and PayPal.

Share Coupon Code and Tracking Links

Within Connect you can immediately generate coupon codes and tracking links that can be shared with your influencer. Coupon Codes and Tracking Links can be customized to fit your influencer and campaign; by the code name, value applied, and expiration date. And, Klear automatically tracks Coupon Codes and Links, and aggregates all data to your campaign report, this even includes data from Instagram Stories. Meaning you can focus on what really matters and leave the boring stuff to us.

Begin Collaborating With Influencers

Ready to utilize Klear Connect for your next campaign. Schedule a call with one of our product specialists and discover how Klear’s collaboration features can support you and your team.