Klear: A Leader in Influencer Marketing Platforms in G2 Spring 2023

Klear has been named a leading voice in influencer marketing by G2 for Spring 2023. Here’s what sets our influencer marketing platform apart from the pack.

Table of contents

  • What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform?
  • Why You Need Influencer Marketing
  • G2 Rankings Explained
  • Helping You Find Best Fit Influencers
  • Reviews for Klear Influencer Marketing Platform Spring 2023
  • Achieve the Full Potential of Influencer Marketing
  • Try Klear for Yourself

Klear has changed the game of influencer marketing by providing marketers with end-to-end visibility and management for every campaign. From finding best-fit influencers, landing on their radars, and working with them to deliver real impact, our platform removes much of the manual labor involved in successful influencer campaigns. 

We’re helping companies connect with influencers like never before. We’re turning cold pitches into warm, friendly greetings. We’re cutting out influencer fraud and high-risk relationships in favor of brand protection and top-line impact. And we’re giving you visibility into every single piece of content and the results they deliver. 

All of the above has caught the eyes of G2 users, and we’re pleased to announce we’ve been selected as one of the Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms for Spring 2023.

Klear has been named a Leader based on receiving a high Customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. G2 data shows that 95% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 83% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend Klear at a rate of 86%.

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What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

We define an influencer marketing platform as a software that facilitates the many moving parts of influencer marketing. From finding and connecting with influencers to managing content and communications to tracking the results of each campaign, an influencer platform serves as the hub of it all.

Influencers aren’t employees, but they are extensions of your brand. They’re partners in marketing who create content on your behalf to increase awareness, drive sales, and foster a positive brand image. And while many brands still rely on celebrity endorsements, other brands are finding favor with “regular people” who have large followings. 

Influencer marketing platforms help you find these people at scale based on your own criteria. They also handle the other moving parts of a campaign, giving you a single source of information and communication to keep your efforts on track.

To qualify as a Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platform for G2, a platform must:

  • Provide tools that enable companies to search for social media influencers within an influencer network or via social media channels
  • Allow users to segment influencers according to various criteria
  • Support campaign management and communications with influencers
  • Include a dashboard to provide visual insights about a campaign’s performance
  • Be able to import and export influencer data, including contact information

Klear’s platform checks all the boxes and has earned multiple five-star ratings and reviews from our customers, helping us to achieve this prestigious designation.

Why You Need Influencer Marketing

At least 93% of brands say they have used influencers in their marketing campaigns, and 70% of companies use influencers on a regular basis. Based on ROI, it’s one of the most effective marketing channels out there, generating about $5.20 for every $1 spent

Here’s what makes influencer marketing such an effective channel.

Introduce Your Brand to a Wider Audience

One advantage of influencer marketing is that it allows brands to reach new demographics they might not otherwise have access to. By partnering with influencers who align with their brand values, companies can tap into these audiences and gain new customers. Plus, they’ll have a reason to trust your brand if their favorite influencers are singing your praises.

Tap Into a Highly Relevant Audience

Influencers know their audience better than anyone. They know what their followers like, expect, and respond to. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to connect with them, your influencer can create content that’s sure to resonate.

With the influencer’s reputation at stake, they have a duty to themselves to create high-quality content. They want to be authentic and promote brands they care about. Influencers will know if your brand is one their followers will be interested in before you start working together, which can help you save time and money in the long run.

Improve Your Brand Perceptions

Consumers tend to trust recommendations from people they follow and admire, including social media influencers. Your brand image and reputation get a boost by partnering with influencers who align with your brand values.

When an influencer promotes your product or service, you can usually expect an uptick in engagement, awareness, and credibility. Influencers love giving authentic reviews or testimonials about products they genuinely enjoy using, which helps their audience make informed buying decisions.

Potentially Save Money Compared to Other Forms of Marketing

With a high average ROI, marketers can yield great results with influencer marketing, even when they’re on a budget. In some cases, influencers with smaller followings will work in exchange for free products, which can help you keep your campaign costs low without sacrificing results.

G2 Rankings Explained

G2 has named Klear as one of the Top 10 influencer marketing platforms for Spring 2023. (We were also named one of the Top 10 platforms in G2’s Winter 2022 report.) 

We earned this designation based on G2’s software rankings and real reviews from customers. These reviews are then refined to represent four categories that define the popularity of each software product: LeadersHigh PerformersContenders, and Niche Products.

For influencer marketing platforms, products on the Enterprise Grid have received a minimum of 10 reviews gathered by March 7, 2023. The products are then ranked by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, seller size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:

  • Leaders. Leader products are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include Klear, GRIN, Captiv8, Mavrck, impact.com, CreatorIQ, #paid, Traackr, LTK, Influencity, HypeAuditor, inBeat, Tribe Dynamics, Afluencer, Affable.ai, Bazaarvoice, Aspire, SKEEPERS Influencer Marketing, Dovetale, Popular Pays, Brandbassador, Upfluence, MagicLinks, Insense, Tagger Media, and Linqia.
  • High Performers. These products have high Customer Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. High Performers include trendHERO, gen.video, Trend, Lumanu, Audiense, Julius, Lolly, Creatable, influence.co, Post For Rent, StarNgage, Smartfluence, and IMAI.
  • Contender Products. Products in this quadrant have relatively low Customer Satisfaction scores and high Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. While they may have positive reviews, they don’t have enough reviews to validate those ratings. Contenders include TRIBE, Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, Cision Communications Cloud, and Activate.
  • Niche Products. These products have relatively low Satisfaction scores and low Market Presence compared to the rest of the category. While they may have positive reviews, they don’t have enough reviews to validate those ratings. Niche products include Reech Influence Cloud, Qoruz, Lefty, LoudCrowd, Creator.co, ZINE Influencer Marketing Technology, Gatsby, Roster, Keyhole, ApexDrop, Sideqik, Brybe, SocialBook, Heepsy, GroupHigh, and Scrunch.

Helping You Find Best-Fit Influencers

We’re thrilled to have received another designation as a G2 Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platform, but we’re not resting on our laurels. More important than awards and star ratings, Klear remains focused on making influencer marketing more manageable, effective, and valuable to our users. 

Here’s how.

Discover and Introduce

  • Find relevant creators based on what matters to you
  • Vet an influencer’s impact before extending payment
  • Choose influencers that share your brand values
  • Introduce yourself and strike up a partnership

Manage Relationships

  • Manage every campaign from start to finish
  • Centralize all communications, content, and influencer agreements
  • Share coupon codes, tracking links, and other content from a single place

Track Every Campaign

  • Monitor progress at a glance
  • Manage all of your campaign assets
  • Track engagement, clicks, audience growth, and redemptions per influencer and per campaign
  • Quantify the impact of each partnership

Prove ROI

  • Assign a dollar value to every campaign
  • Aggregate top-performing content
  • Receive alerts when new content is posted
  • Generate reports that demonstrate each campaign’s impact

Reviews for Klear Influencer Marketing Platform Spring 2023

We love hearing what Klear customers have to say about their experiences with our platform and how we’re changing the way they do influencer marketing for the better. Check out some recent feedback from Klear users who have helped us become one of G2’s Top 10 influencer marketing platforms for Spring 2023.

“Klear = The Standard. The ability to "set it and forget it" - after setting up a campaign in Klear, tracking deliverables and reporting on metrics couldn't be easier. We use Klear's "Campaign Brief" to communicate our desired key messages and deliverables, and are able to trust that the influencers we partner with will deliver thanks to Klear's in-depth vetting ability.” -John D, Media & Communications Coordinator

“It’s my influencer marketing cure-all. Klear has helped streamline our company's search for influencers. Before using Klear, working with various bloggers or influencers felt riskier. We didn't know their authentic engagement and reach. We didn't know exactly what we would get from them. Now we have a trackable agreement and posts where we can view analytics on those posts. It has grown our brand presence and awareness, spilling over to gaining traditional press. The campaign reports I easily create through Klear show our owners the exposure we are getting through social media engagement and ROI.” -Erica B, Associate Director of Communications

“There's so much about the platform that we love at our agency. From the influencer research (that we were doing manually), to creating and building massively successful campaigns with the right influencers from our initial research to the metrics reports and outputs, there's so much to love about Klear. Our rep is immensely helpful and always answers our emails quickly. If there's a feature that hasn't been developed, he takes it to the product team to help implement. Many of the changes we were requesting have already happened within the platform in a timely manner.” -Danielle B, Marketing Manager

Achieve the Full Potential of Influencer Marketing

Thousands of influencers are ready to meet your brand — you simply need to know where to find them. Klear connects you to influencers who align with your values and purpose, have relevant followings who are likely to be interested in your brand, and can create content that resonates and turn their audience into your newest customers.

Go Big on Multiple Social Networks

Klear connects you with influencers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Be everywhere your target audience already is.

Reduce Influencer Fraud Risk

Know an influencer’s real influence beyond audience size. Klear shows you audience growth rates, engagement rates, and other metrics to help you make an informed decision.

Trade Manual Processes for Influencer Zen

Stop searching for campaign-related content or digging up influencer metrics one by one. With Klear, you can track entire campaigns from one location. Easily find content, see which tasks have been completed, and measure campaign progress and results.

Try Klear for Yourself

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