Klear iOS app: Become a Twitter influencer with a Tap

Today we are super excited to share with you some great news: our brand-new app! We have just released our first iOS app!


Today we are super excited to share with you some great news: our brand new app!

We have just released our first iOS app, which helps you up your Twitter game. It is designed for Twitter users who wish to build their online community and become known for things they are enthusiastic about.

The app is powered by a smart artificial intelligence engine that presents you with daily progress reports and an action plan to take you one step further on your route to social influence. 

The action plan is personalized and consists of simple and smart things you can immediately act upon.

A lot has been said about Twitter and its user ­base growth struggles. Twitter can be a bit overwhelming and many people tend to have no idea on how to build themselves an audience. Some resort to mass­ following and automation to bump some numbers as if that actually matters.

Our app was built to overcome what we believe is a missing piece of the puzzle in activating the masses on Twitter.

Think of Barney Stinson’s “haaave you met Ted?”, but with a tap. It lets you up your Twitter game by meeting the right people in a whimsical way but without the awkward feeling.

Building this app, we tried to focus on what’s really unique about Twitter as a platform. Going through Twitter’s onboarding process, we could not escape the thought that magic doesn’t happen from following @nba and @rihanna, nor is it about following your friends (facebook is awesome for that).

Twitter is about creating relationships with people you’ve never met and share mutual interests with.

And this is where the Klear app comes in. Each day, it delivers to you smart action suggestions on how to create relationships with people you should know.

Popular suggestions you can expect:

  • Interact with relevant influencers
  • Keep in touch with old connections
  • Optimize your tweet timing
  • Gain a better understanding of your audience
  • Progress check-up report
  • Badges! to measure your progress and keep you motivated

Other social networks will be supported in the application soon, enabling a rich and synergetic community building effort for one’s online identity.

We invite you to download the app from the App Store and enjoy a new Twitter experience:

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