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Why You Can’t Ignore Instagram Influencers in 2016

It seems like Instagram was part of our life since forever, but the addictive network is only 5 years old. Just a few years ago the beloved photo app used to have a reputation of too many selfies and food porn, but things look quite different now. Topics are diverse, and you’d be surprised to that […]

Yuval Maoz
December 30, 2015

It seems like Instagram was part of our life since forever, but the addictive network is only 5 years old. Just a few years ago the beloved photo app used to have a reputation of too many selfies and food porn, but things look quite different now. Topics are diverse, and you’d be surprised to that your industry might be there also.

Instagram is down meme

Instagram, which back in 2012 was acquired by Facebook for a $1 billion, has since then fulfilled its promise. In 2015 it continued to grow and marked a significant milestone when reaching 400 million monthly active users (more than Twitter’s 316 million) – 100 million additional users than it had at the end of 2014.

The fast growth of Instagram has attracted marketers for a long time, and it seems they finally found a way to break through in the most organic way possible: Influencer marketing. According to a research by Captiv8, “$100m is spent per month by brands on influencer advertisement on Instagram alone”. These huge budgets are about to grow as influencer marketing become more and more a part of the brands’ advertisement mix.

The 400m users send marketers to search for Instagram influencers in different topics, which has nothing to do with beautiful dishes. Industries that lead today the influencer marketing on Instagram are the fashion, food, cosmetics, and sports, but there’s plenty of room for more to join.

With influencers on every topic and high improved ROI in the age of ad-blindness, Instagram influencer marketing just can’t be ignored.

We decided to move the focus away from the immediate suspects of influence on Instagram and check with the Instagram Analytics Tool how the content of influencers on different subjects look like.

Yoga Influencer: Tara Stiles


The yoga market is increasing in the US and one can easily tell by scrolling the Instagram feed. One of the many yogists that will revitalize your inspiration to work on your asanas is Tara Stiles. Stiles is a founder of an NYC yoga studios with more than 100k followers on Instagram. Her high-quality pictures, mostly in challenging body angles, get an average of 364 likes each, making her a beloved Instagram yoga expert.

Tara Stiles Instagram

Typography Influencer: Seb Lester


Can traditional lettering be exciting? Seb Lester makes it so. Lester, a UK artist and designer, made Instagram a playground for recreating famous logos that you’ll be surprised to see them drawn by hand. You can find his calligraphy reconstruct the logos of Star Wars, The Who, and many more. Watch him perfectly draw the New York Times logo.

Seb Lester Instagram

Gadgets Influencer: Jon Rettinger


Can you take a picture of your phone – with your phone? Jon Rettinger can. Well, maybe with the assistance of a mirror. But we trust he can do something similar as a super geek who knows everything about gadgets. Jon Rettinger is the editorial director of TechnoBuffalo, independent gadgets and electronics site. You may recognize him from CNBC and Fox Business, where he arrives as a commentator. His account, mixed with personal family pictures, is the right profile to follow to know which iPhone/Android phone you should get, and what’s the deal with hoverboards.

Jon Rettinger instagram

Interior Design Influencer: Holly Becker


Interior designers flourish on Instagram. If you’re tired of that white wall in your bedroom, scroll the feed and soon enough you’ll find inspiration. From all the designers on Instagram, we particularly love Bolly Becker for her versatile mixture of content. Becker is a veteran blogger. She started decor8 back in 2006 and a decade later she’s an owner of a design business and an author of best-selling books. On her Instagram feed, you’ll find delicate colorful designs, glowing in bright lights and elegance.

Holly Becker instagram

F1 Influencer: Marcus Ericson


Great photographs can make the beholder stare at still images and feel like on a roller coaster. Looking at the well-polished photos of the F1 driver Marcus Ericson feels just like that. The Swedish driver gives his 50k followers on Instagram an inside look of what it’s like to drive a machine that goes from 0 to 300 km/h in a heartbeat. And they show their love back with an average of 2,006 (!) likes per photo.

Marcus Ericson instagram

Travel Influencer: Matt Long


Traveling without posting every step of your route on Instagram is like not traveling at all. Instagram is crowded with travelers and tourists images but it’s still not so easy to find the traveler that will inspire you to pack a bag and take that train to nowhere. Matt Long is that kind of a guy. Long is a travel blogger, a writer, and a photographer. He writes about his expeditions on LandLopers where you can find destination, food and transit tips for many places on the globe. As he described himself, Long is a “typical Gen-Xer and former cubicle-dweller” who switched to travel expert that eats the world. His Instagram account is an open invitation to join him in this continuous adventure and his followers are more than happy to engage. His photos get 35 comments on average by his devoted audience.

Matt Long instagram

Cat Influencer: Nala Cat


Nala Cat is not just another cat who does cute things. It’s a cat with 2.6m followers who does cute things. Nala was adopted when she was five months old. It’s fascinating to see how Nala attracted so many groupies on Instagram outside of the “native” environment of cats online admiration – YouTube. Nala’s owner uses the cat’s popularity to raise awareness for shelter animals and their condition. It’s great to see this cuteness take part in an Instagram activism. Meow.

Nala Cat Instagram

Did you find a new Instagram account to follow? Do you want to share with us your favorite instagramer? We would be happy to hear your favs in the comments. By the way, we’re also on Instagram. We would love to meet you there!

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