Influencer Pricing: How Much Do Influencers Charge?

How much should you pay influencers? We analyzed 2,500+ influencers worldwide to bring you an official study of influencer pricing, rates, and trends.

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In recent years the Influencer marketing industry has seen rapid growth, so much so that it is now a standard channel brands incorporate into their strategy. However, brands still struggle with budgeting as there are no clear industry standards for influencer pricing. In order to tackle this issue we’ve conducted a study on rates in the influencer industry.

We surveyed over 2,500+ influencers, ranging in size and across all industries, offering the largest study on pricing in the industry. As a result, we were able to establish the most comprehensive report on influencer pricing to be used as a benchmark by brands and influencers alike.

Influencer Marketing Rates

Across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, we analyzed an extensive pool of over 2,500 influencers to understand market rates as pricing differs by content form and influencer type.

Our analysis breaks down influencers into 4 categories:

  1. Nano (500-5K Followers)
  2. Micro (5-30K Followers
  3. Power (30-500K Followers)
  4. Celebrity (500K+ Followers)

And, looks at pricing patterns across 5 different content forms:

  1. Instagram Post
  2. Instagram Video
  3. Instagram Story
  4. Facebook Post
  5. YouTube

How Much Do Instagram Influencers Charge?

Instagram influencer rates range from $41 – $3,138, depending on influencer type.Video posts are the most expensive content form with prices beginning at $114, while the stories are the least expensive, though growing in popularity. Instagram is one of the most utilized platforms for influencer campaigns, and by connecting with the right influencer brands can connect with a highly engaged audience to increase brand awareness.


While stories is currently the most affordable medium on Instagram, this may change as demand continues to surge. Recently we found 1 out of 3 sponsored posts on instagram were a story. And, popularity is only growing as  instagram stories are more watched than snapchat, emphasizing the potential reach of this medium.

How Much Do YouTube Influencers Charge?

YouTube is the most expensive social network for an influencer campaign, with average prices starting at $315 for Nano influencers and reaching around  $3,857 for Celebrity influencers. Mainly due to the effort required to create video content. Long-videos are on average 2X more expensive than short-videos, pricing at $1,234 and $656 respectively. A long-video would be around 20-minutes.


For beauty and travel influencers, YouTube is an ideal platform due to the flexibility and lack of constraints. For brands hoping to create a personal connection with their audience through influencers, YouTube is a great vehicle to grow brand awareness.

Influencer Pricing Trends

Our research not only allowed us to identify clear pricing rates across the four leading social channels, but presented us with fascinating data on overall trends relating to influencer marketing pricing.

One of our most surprising discoveries is the existing pay disparity between male and female influencers. Though women make up 77% of the influencer market, male influencers are paid almost 100% more. When analyzing across all social channels we discovered that Women charge an average of $351 while Men charge  $459.


Breaking down our findings further, we discovered that there is the highest wage gap between Male and Female influencers on YouTube.


However, when analyzing our data by industry, though a wage gaps exist in almost every industry, Travel is an exception. Women make up 61% of the travel industry, and average $615 per post, compared to men who bring in $570.


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