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2017 Best Influencer Marketing Conferences

If you are serious about influencer marketing, learning from hands-on experienced marketers is exactly what you need. Here we’ve gathered a list of of the best influencer marketing talks in the top social media marketing conferences of 2017. These keynotes, workshops, and panels will help you adopt the best practices of today’s influencer marketing. March Social […]

Yuval Maoz
March 15, 2017

If you are serious about influencer marketing, learning from hands-on experienced marketers is exactly what you need.

Here we’ve gathered a list of of the best influencer marketing talks in the top social media marketing conferences of 2017. These keynotes, workshops, and panels will help you adopt the best practices of today’s influencer marketing.


social Media Marketing world 2017

Social Media Marketing World

March 22-24, San Diego, CA
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Not to Miss:

Ragan Disney 2017Ragan Disney Conference

March 27-29, Orlando, FL

Not to Miss:
 The main influencer marketing talk you shouldn’t miss is by Joe Martin, Head of Social Insights, Adobe. Martin will talk about “From research to ROI: How to use data to craft content that delivers on marketing and PR goals”.


Digital Marketing World Forum

April 3-4, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not to Miss:
Building long-lasting influencer relationships (Panel), with Alicia Solis (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines), Paz Zvick (GlassesUSA.com), Beltran Dobao (Bugaboo), and Dustin-Michael Steinfort (The Kraft Heinz Company).

The panel attendees will share their ways of creating authentic brand ambassadors, building relationships with people your customers trust, and their tips on how to manage these relationships.

content Marketing ConferenceContent Marketing Conference

April 11-13, Boston, MA
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Not to Miss: 
Lee Odden, The Influence Imperative

The CEO of TopRank will explain how to overcome the challenge of creating content with credibility. Odden will show how integrating internal and external influencers can break down the barriers with content discovery, engagement, and effectiveness.

Social Media Strategies SummitSocial Media Strategies Summit

April, 26-28, Chicago, IL
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Not to Miss:
Influencer Marketing – Where streaming, live, digital, social media and people meet, by Dean DeLisle, Founder & CEO, Forward Progress.

Dean will how to mix Video content and live streaming with the power of influencers. In this session. Dean will show how to attract influencers to your network, integrate in-person events with online events, and measure the influencer program.


Social Media Camp 2017

Social Media Camp

May, 3-4, Victoria, Canada
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Not to Miss: 
Influencer Marketing: How to Influence the Influencers, by Rebecca Coleman.

Rebecca Coleman is a blogger, social media marketer and instructor. She’s in influencer herself, as a food blogger who is deeply involved in Vancouver’s local food scene.


May, 17th, Toronto, Canada
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Not to Miss:
InfluenceThis is a conference that brings together brands, agencies, creators and influencer networks to do business with one another. This unique conference will host influencer marketing panels, case studies, B2B programs, and much more.  

The Social Shake-Up 2017

The Social Shake-Up

May, 22-24, Atlanta, GA
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Not to Miss: “
Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Influencers But Were Afraid to Ask”, with Danica KombolCEO, Everywhere Agency; Kathy BairdOgilvy Public Relations Worldwide; Nadina Bourgeois, Carter’s; Trina SmallThe Baby Shopaholic.

This session will help you get your first steps with influencer marketing, from finding them to effectively communicating with them. The session will cover potential pitfalls to influencer campaigns, different models of compensation, legal considerations, and real-world examples of successful influencer campaigns.


The Corporate Social Media Summit

Corporate Social Media Summit

June 15-16, New York, NY
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Not to Miss: 
How Dell’s long-term approach is creating mutual value for their brand and community (Case Study), by Dell’s Konnie Alexander-Brown, Head of Corporate Social & Influencer Relations.

vidcon 2017 influencer marketing


June 21-24, Anaheim, CA
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VidCon is the place to meet today’s video influencers. The mass event features creators and talents from all over the online video community. VidCon 2016 hosted more than 30,000 attendees and this year’s event is going bigger. While the agenda for the event is not yet disclosed, the event itself is known for a great place to meet creators and feel current trends. 


Innovation CongressInnovation Congress 

July 18-19, New York, NY
Follow: #innocon

Innovation Congress is a conference that focuses on helping business stay competitive for the next 3-5 years within the categories of digital trends, technological innovations and societal shifts. Topics that will be discussed include Influencer Marketing, Virtual reality, Video Ads, Artificial Intelligence, and much, much more.

GrowCommerce 2017GrowCommerce 2017

July 20th, New York, NY

GrowCommerce is all about optimizing e-commerce through different digital channels. The event features tactical, practical examples from leaders across a wide spectrum of e-commerce verticals including influencer marketing.



eTail 2017eTail 2017

August 14-17, Boston, MA

eTail is a leading conference for America’s retailers. The conference will show to boost customer experience using social interactions, assessing data from social media and reviews to understand what products customer love and drive them to buy.

MNDigital Summit Minneapolis

August 14-15, Minneapolis, MN
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Not to Miss: Snapchat Strategies for Marketing Your Business with Carlos Gill (BMC Software). Carlos will discuss new strategies on how to significantly grow your Snapchat’s reach and influence. He will further present ways to connect and work with Influencers on Snapchat by providing examples from notable brands that have already taken the initiative.


Content Marketing World, 2017CM

September 5-8, Cleveland, OH
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Not to Miss: Implementing a Global Influencer Program at a Large B2B enterprise with Amisha Gandhi (SAP).

Amisha will examine how to effectively create an influencer marketing program from the ground up. She will then teach top strategies and tactics that are working in B2B influencer marketing through different lenses while providing you with information on how to better measure your brand’s influencer reach.


DOwzaBkHDigital Summit Washington, DC

September 6-7, Washington, DC
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Not to miss: “Everything you’ve Heard about Influencer Marketing is Wrong. Let’s Do it Right!” with Leigh George (Freedom).

What does it take for a brand to succeed with the ever evolving awareness of today’s consumers? How can they battle the disappointing results of influencer marketing when brands are using the same recycled methods over and over? Leigh will discuss all this and more, as she explores new skills and strategies to win over your customers, and market more efficiently.

Influencer Marketing DaysInfluencer Marketing Days 2017

September 25-26, New York, NY

Influencer Marketing Days is a conference which is all about influencer marketing,
organized by Geno Prussakov.

This conference is the best place to see real case studies, ran by the campaigns owners. The conference will include case studies, influencer identification and analysis, influencer outreach and onboarding, opportunities and emerging trends, and more. 

Inaugural Influencer Marketing Hub ConferenceInaugural Influencer Marketing Hub Conference 

September 28, London, UK 

An influencer marketing-only conference. The event fits early-stage influence-marketers, but also seasoned marketers who ran influencer-led campaigns and would like to learn how to optimize their future campaigns.

The conference will cover influencer marketing management tools, tips on how to connect with influencers, case studies and more.


Social Tools Summit 2017

Social Tools Summit

October 18, Boston, MA

The Social Tools Summit is a conference dedicated to social media tools, focusing on the tools are available and how to use them to maximize the ROI of your social media efforts. Among many others, the conference will deal with influencer marketing tools for measurement and management.

PerformanceIN Live 2017PILIVE

October 24-25, London, UK
: @PerformanceIN

Not to miss: The massive Influencer Marketing show on the first day of the conference! This is an exceptional opportunity to discover how to most efficiently work with celebrity, community, and micro influencers that expand the power of your brand. Attendees benefit from exposure to the latest in performance technology, while also gauging top industry trends.

One of the brightest minds there will be Ricky Ray Butler, the Global CCO at Branded Entertainment Network (BEN). Ricky has years of influencer expertise under his belt, having worked and founded Plaid Social Labs and specializing in ROI campaigns and broadening audiences.

Did we miss any interesting conferences or talks around influencer marketing? Share the details in the comments below!

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