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Influencer Marketing and Mental Health: Lessons From Maybelline

The importance of promoting positive mental health practices on social media.

Lena Young
October 20, 2021

Is Influencer Marketing Bad For Mental Health?

We would be remiss to ignore recent reports indicating that certain features on social media can have a negative impact on mental health, specifically for teenagers. These reports are worrying, and while we do not have the power to change how these platforms are operated, we do hope that the brands that enlist these platforms for marketing initiatives do so with mindful intention. 

For us, that is the beauty of influencer marketing. It is a marketing channel that requires the most intentional strategy, and will often put emotional impact before monetary. Because the stronger the emotional connection the better the ROI and brand longevity. 

Connecting With Gen Z

In a recent study by Fuse Media, it was found that 76% of Gen Z believe that a brand should be empowering. 

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This is a generation that values the positive impact of profit, and they want to see this reflected in the brands they subscribe to. And, it’s important that brands will stand up and talk about things that were once considered taboo, like mental health. 

Being vulnerable means being authentic, and authenticity is one of the best ways to form lasting connections with a new audience. 

Campaign Inspiration: #BraveTogether from Maybelline

Maybelline is an American beauty and cosmetics line based in New York City. If you were anywhere during the 90s and early 00s then you’ve most likely heard the phrase, “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” Well, maybe that slogan didn’t age too well but it’s hard to forget. 

The brand you might remember for its “lash blast, long-lasting mascara” is presenting itself in a very different way. With its #BraveTogether campaign, the beauty brand is looking inward and openly talking about mental health. A bold and important move for a brand that exists in an industry that has been connected to negatively impacted women. 

The company creatively promoted the campaign with an animated Lifter talking about Anxiety and Depression. The juxtaposition of openly speaking about mental health through cartoon makeup is such a clear representation of where marketing is today. Companies, in every industry, need to get honest and raw. 

#BraveTogether Influencers

Storm Reid, 95

Storm Reid is an American Actress and an official spokesperson for Maybelline. With 1.6M follows Storm has a dedicated social media following, with a True Reach of 700K views per post. 44% of her audience is aged 18-24, and 80% are female, making her a perfect collaborator for a brand looking to engage with a younger audience. 

Past Collaborations: Aerie, New Balance, Colgate

Mandy Capristo, 95

Mandy is a German singer and the founder of The Felice Project, a german language platform created to connect people and help battle loneliness. Mandy has 662k Instagram followers and 23.7K YouTube Subscribers. 53% of her audience are Millenials, 73% are from Germany, and 82% are Female, offering the brand a unique platform to engage with a foreign audience.

Past collaborations: Diesel, Sephora, Disney

More Brands Promoting Mental Health Awareness

Some brands have opted for posts focused on mental health awareness rather than a full campaign. 

1. Kenneth Cole

Fashion brand Kenneth Cole partnered with the Mental Health Coalition, and share the initiative with their followers. Additionally, they launched a t-shirt line called “Voice Wear”, a percentage of each purchase is donated to the Mental Health Coalition. 

2. Abercrombie & Fitch

The woke teen brand honored World Mental Health Day, by taking a break from social media and encouraging followers to take a moment to recharge and reflect.

3. Papier 

Papier is a personalized stationery company selling notebooks, planners, cards, and more. The brand has a line of wellness journals to encourage gratitude. On Mental Health Day they shared various writing prompts that useful tools for self-check-ins and reflection.

Run an Impactful Campaign

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