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How Creators Are Adapting To COVID: Tips & Trends

How creators and brands are adapting their content strategy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Lena Young
August 10, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus is undeniable, as is the realization that this is our new normal. The longevity of the pandemic has caused all industries to make dramatic changes. 

We spoke with 100 top influencers across Fashion, Travel, Food, and Parenting to understand how creators are adapting to these challenging times. 

From repurposing content to expanding positioning, we learned from experts how to navigate these trying times.

Tip 1: Be Transparent

The one truly unique element about the coronavirus pandemic is that it is a global experience and a struggle that unites the entire world. If you are having a hard time due to current circumstances, it is completely understandable, and more likely that one of your followers is going through a similar experience. 

Don’t be afraid to share your truth with your audience. A little honesty goes a long way. 

We would definitely say we have been transparent to the audience of our hardships! Especially because we are in the travel niche. We think this is the best way to stay organic! At the same time, we are strong and believe this will pass and we are ready to travel again.

Xavier and Katie Ritzi, @xkflyaway

Tip 2: Repurpose Content 

We’ve all been stuck at home, or at least in the same city for a while. With travel limited, and many public venues slowly reopening, for content creators focused on travel and the outdoors this has been an extremely challenging time. But, you can’t simply stop posting. For this reason, many influencers have begun recycling old content. 

Reusing old content is a great alternative when you can’t easily create new content, and is a great way to remind your followers why they fell in love with you. 

Don’t be afraid to reshare your old content on Instagram. Reposting old popular content helped me to have regular posting while I was figuring out how to post from home.

Romona Jones, @monalouge

Tip 3: Step Out of Your Comfort-Zone  

Whether you’re doing Zoom-Yoga or home-schooling children, we have all been forced to step into a new role during the pandemic. But sometimes being forced into a new situation helps you realize a passion you never knew was there. If your current content offering has been stalled, or it not even possible, due to COVID, think of new ways to share relative content to your followers. 

Perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone will introduce a new passion or success you did not even consider. 

I started doing more take-out food content with added voice over commentary to make up for not being able to take photos of restaurant food spreads. I experimented with new concepts and I am currently having a great time with the content I am creating!

Tim Cheun, @bayarea.foodies

Instagram Content Trends During COVID-19

Influencers aren’t the only ones having to think about how they reformat their content. The impact of COVI-19 has created a completely different landscape in which brands can and should engage with their network. With many employees still working from home, and a network of followers and customers dealing with their own hardships, content must be relatable to the real and important experiences of people’s lives. 

With brands navigating the new reality, we have seen two new trends emerge, allowing for brands to create content that is both promotional and empathic. 

Trend 1: Behind-The Scenes 

Just because you and your audience are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean they can’t visit you. Offer your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your space. A personal view can help create a deeper connection with your brand. 

There are many ways to do Behind-The-Scenes content; offer a tour of your at-home workspace, show ways your company is maintaining social distancing in the work-place, or invite your followers into your home for a meal! 

Example: @apartmenttherapy 

Lifestyle and design community Apartment Therapy has been finding unique ways to get personal during COVID-19, while still maintaining their content offering. The brand’s founder and CEO started a weekly Instagram video series, teaching followers quick and fun ways to spruce up a living space.

Trend 2: Family Affair

With many extended family social distancing or self-isolating together, family members have begun making guest appearances in branded content. This “alternative guest” is a great way to make light of the craziness of the current situation while sending a message to your followers that they are not alone. 

Example: @goop

Gwyneth Paltrow, GP if you’re in it, is the OG of influencer marketing. So, it’s no surprise that many look to her for up-and-coming content trends. 

When promoting her lifestyle brand goop’s recent skincare product she invited her mother to have a fun conversation on beauty secrets, aging, and more.

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