Sports and Influencer Marketing: How Do Brands Run With Creators

Don’t sweat it, here’s how to collaborate with Athletes!

Fitfluencers: Fitness Influencers

Fitness and Social go hand in hand. There is no better way to promote one’s wellness journey or help motivate the masses, than a well-lit picture in head-to-toe fitness gear. Importantly, the concept of a fitness influencer has expanded in the past few years. Like fashion, the fitness industry has a history of institutionalized beauty standards that create an aura of exclusivity causing a majority of people to feel it is not a space for them. 

Influencer marketing has paved the way for diverse representation in all industries, including fitness. Thanks to independent creators with progressive networks who prefer to engage with brands that support their values, a successful influencer campaign requires inclusivity. 

Influencers We Love: Meg Boggs

With a Klear Score of 82, Meg Boggs represents all that is good about influencer marketing. As the author of “Fitness For Every Body”, she passionately advocates for inclusive representation in the fitness industry. And, this is not a message that is falling on deaf ears, brands like Under Armour, Athleta, and ASICS have all partnered with her.

Brands Working WIth Fitness Influencers

1. Rakuten x Steff Curry

Rakuten is a Japanese eCommerce brand that allows shoppers to get cash back with their purchases. If you’re thinking, “what does online shopping have to do with Steph Curry?”  Rakuten is an official partner of the NBA, and as one of the most charismatic players, partnering with Curry was a no-brainer. Rakuten offers a cash-back shopping experience with family-favorite brands like Old Navy and JC Penny, and Steph Curry’s fun-loving, family-guy image is a perfect way to connect with Rakuten’s target demographic. 

But, it doesn’t end there. Rakuten and Steph Curry came together to start Underrated, an organization with a mission of helping high-school athletes achieve their potential. Underrated goes on a national tour across the US allowing boys and girls to compete in Basketball tournaments, culminating with 2 finalists who will win spots on Steph Curry’s camp, and regional teams winning the most underrated region.

2. SELF Magazine X Jessamyn Stanely

If you’re not familiar with SELF Magazine, basically it’s the Vogue of the fitness world. Print publications of the magazine ceased in 2017, and now the magazine operates as a purely online publication. The transition to online has allowed SELF to re-position the brand with a fresh tone, that resonates with a new audience that cares about values such as diversity and inclusivity. 

Enter Jessamyn Stanely, a body-positive, LGBTQ yoga instructor and author of best-selling books including “Every Body Yoga”. Jessamyn is an extremely authentic content creator. She’s open about her weed consumption, is not afraid to show a little skin, and tells it like it is. And, her audience loves her for this. With 92% female-identified followers and shared interests in #yoga, she is a perfect cover model for the magazine looking to wellness enthusiasts passionate about an inclusive fitness industry. 

3. cbdMD x Noah Ohlsen

It’s kinda hard to ignore CBD (Cannabidiol) these days. People are putting it in everything; Pizza, water, socks. But, like with anything new, it still takes a bit of convincing to get everyone on board. One of the main arguments for CBD is the health benefits, be it pain relief or relaxation, there are many ways people incorporate CBD into their wellness practice. So, when cbdMD, a wellness brand looking to promote a positive CBD culture, was looking to promote its products, athletes were the perfect fit. 

Noah Ohlsen is a fitness influencer and Crossfit games athlete. He has 789K+ Instagram followers made up of 56% men, all of whom are extremely interested in topics such as; Weightlifting, Coaching, and Training. His partnership with cbdMD emphasized the need for Crossfit athletes to incorporate CBD supplements in their wellness practice because looking good means feeling good! 

What Can We Learn?

The main takeaway from these examples is that influencers should support an overarching mission or value, the connection to your brand doesn’t need to be straightforward. In fact, the less straightforward is often better, as it shows that your has mass-market appeal rather than pigeonholing you into a small box. 

Take cbdMD. Had the brand only partnered with marijuana-positive influencers, it would only strengthen the narrative for those who think CBD and marijuana are one-in-the-same. Instead, the brand partnered with a fitness influencer, to emphasize the role CBD plays in one’s health journey. Clever, right?! 

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