New Year, New Features! 4 features to boost your 2022 influencer marketing strategy

As the saying goes, “New Year, New Features.” Right, isn’t that what they say? Either way, what better way to start the new year than with some exciting new features that will no doubt improve your Klear experience.


We are always releasing new features and updates to our product to ensure that not only do our clients get the most out of their experience, but their campaigns are achieving optimal success. We all know the social media landscape is constantly evolving, with trends going faster than they came. That’s why it's imperative that you have a tool that helps you reach your campaign goals and is compatible with the industry ecosystem. 

Here are some exciting new features that will surely enhance your influencer strategy in 2022.

1. A New Way To Find Influencers

We’ve updated our search capabilities, not only making it easier for you to find influencers but ensuring that you find the influencer that best serves your campaign goals. With our new search tool, you have even more segmented search criteria than before allowing you to define how and why you are looking for an influencer.

Search criteria now include:

  • Topics such as Yoga or Travel. This will help you identify a thought leader in a specific area with a highly engaged audience.
  • Keywords such as “black lives matter” or “Cinco de mayo”, which will help you find a creator that is discussing a specific topic or to identify non-English speaking creators. 
  • Brands that an influencer has collaborated with in past. Either to identify influencers who have success with like-minded brands, or to gauge your competitor’s strategy.

How to find Influencers with Klear

2. Estimate Influencer Rates

A crucial stage of a successful campaign is budgeting. It’s imperative that when vetting potential collaborations, you can assess if they realistically align with your campaign budget. For this reason, we have developed an exciting new technology that estimated influencer rates across Instagram Posts, Stories, and Videos using machine learning technology.

Klear product screenshot of an influencer profile

This new feature, aptly named PriceBox, can be used in two ways. One, as a calculator. You simply input an influencer’s Instagram handle and PriceBox will estimate their rates. The other is as an embedded tool within an influencer’s profile, as seen in the image above. This allows you to including pricing in the overall vetting process, and see it as a performance metric.

See our Influencer Pricing Calculator

3. Predict Campaign Results Before They Go Live

This is one feature that will without a doubt enhance your 2022 influencer marketing strategy; the ability to predict campaign results. Yes, that’s right, we are giving you the ability to see into the future. Well, we are using extremely sophisticated AI technology, but the same thing.


With Predictive Mode you can estimate the results of your campaign, and each potential influencer, before any content goes live. Predictive mode lets you set expected deliverables for each influencer in your upcoming campaign. Then, based on their past performance metrics, Klear will automatically predict each influencer’s; EMV, post engagement, engagement rate, and true reach. This data-driven feature helps you bring concrete evidence to support your decision-making process, and allows you and your stakeholders to enter a collaboration with aligned expectations. 

Learn more about Influencer Analytics

4. Slack Integration

If you’re anything like me, then you definitely relate to the expression “more tools, more problems”.  That’s something people say, right? We know it can be a hassle to work with multiple products, the effort of switching between tools to communicate can be overwhelming. To solve this problem, we have created a Slack integration that allows you to communicate with your influencers and Klear Team members directly from Slack.


With Klear’s collaboration tool you can already handle all communication with your influencer without messy email threads. With this new Slack integration you can do everything you did in Klear’s CRM but from Slack. This includes messaging influencers, approving content, and sending feedback. Additionally, your relevant stakeholders can be added to the slack channel so all influencer communication can be transparent, keeping everyone aligned. 

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