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Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Agreements [Free Template]

What should be included in your influencer agreement? Get a free template.

Lena Young
March 16, 2020

Collaborating with an influencer is like any other business partnership, it requires planning and cooperation from both sides. Influencer agreements are a great way to navigate professional relationships, be it a one-time collaboration or an ongoing partnership. An agreement, or contract, outlines the legal and regulatory framework of your relationship. Ensuring that no stone goes unturned, and both parties feel confident that they will get the most out of this relationship. 

Why Do I Need An Influencer Agreement?

The real questions should be, why don’t you need one? An influencer agreement will set up the terms of the relationship between a brand and an influencer. Additionally, the FTC has created stricter guidelines for influencer advertisements. Your agreement can ensure that your influencers properly disclose sponsored content, keeping your brand FTC compliant. 

Influencers should be approached the same way you approach freelancers (ie copywriters or graphic designers). You need a legal framework so all parties are protected. 

How Influencer Agreements Help Brands:

  1. It details the responsibilities of the brand and the influencer
  2. It lists all required production deliverables
  3. It establishes an overview of the project including submission dates, promotion timeline, and duration
  4. It clearly state payment terms
  5. It addresses causes of contact termination 
  6. It establishes whether the content is exclusive and can be repurposed 
  7. It helps review content before it goes live 
  8. It ensures FTC compliance

When Should We Create an Influencer Agreement?

Your influencer agreement will govern the entirety of your influencer relationship, so it should be created and signed before any content is created or distributed. This will give you full control over the ability to approve content before it goes live. It also lets you set content approval and feedback requirements, so you’re in full control. 

Such guidelines will protect the integrity of your brand, and make you the key decision-maker for all campaign content. Influencer campaigns are meant to support brand goals, and your agreement will keep everything on track. 

What Is The Difference Between an Agreement and an Influencer Brief? 

An influencer agreement sets up the legal framework of your relationship, while an influencer brief sets up the creative framework for your relationship. Influencer briefs are a detailed outline of campaign and output expectations. Briefs often include mood-boards, content examples, dos & don’ts,  and additional references that offer inspiration. This document helps influencers understand the goals of a campaign, and provides enough information so that they create the best content. 

You can learn more about influencer briefs and get a free template here

How Do We Send And Sign Agreements?

It’s not uncommon that brands and influencers are not located in the same city, sometimes they are even from different countries. So, how are contracts signed in such circumstances? Most influencer agreements are signed electronically. There are different services that support this including DocuSign and Adobe Sign. 

Some influencer marketing tools, including Klear, let you send and sign contracts directly within the platform. Klear’s in-app communication portal lets you seamlessly manage every aspect of your influencer relationship like signing agreements, approving content, and processing payments. 

Influencer Agreement Sample:

You should consult your legal department before you finalize and share your influencer agreement. 

A standard influencer agreement should include the following: 

  1. Names & Date 
  2. Purpose of Agreement
  3. Timeline
  4. Campaign Deliverables 
  5. Payment Terms
  6. Content Exclusivity 
  7. Regulations & Compliance 
  8. Non-Competition Clause & Confidentiality
  9. Cancelation
  10. Signatures

Ready to move to the next stage of your influencer campaign, but first need to send your partners an agreement. Get your FREE Agreement Template! 

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