How To Run an Eco-Friendly Influencer Campaign

Learn how brands are partnering with amazing influencers to promote sustainability and environmentalism.

Lena Young
April 22, 2021

It can be hard to keep track of all the important celebrations around the world. But, one day we should all remember is Earth Day, an annual celebration in support of environmental protection and a reminder that the need to protect our world is a global initiative. Earth Day is deeply rooted in environmentalism; a social movement regarding concerns for environmental protection. If there is one thing influencer marketing is especially important for, it is the ability to align brands with social movements. 

A value-based influencer marketing strategy is when brands collaborate with influencers that align with and support brand values in order to connect with like-minded customers in a meaningful and authentic dialogue. So, in honor of Earth Day, we are featuring 3 awesome influencers that support values of sustainability and environmentalism and the brands that collaborate with them. 

3 Eco-Friendly Influencer Campaigns 

1. Jessica Clifton X Grove Collaborative

Jessica Clifton is a sustainability influencer with a wide following of over 200K followers across Instagram and TikTok. She provides useful tips to her followers on sustainable living by partnering with brands that support her values. With an average of 32K engagements per post, Jessica is an ideal partner for brands looking to promote their products and values to a highly engaged and passionate network. 

Grove collaborative is an eco-friendly household and beauty brand, providing conscious consumers with ethical alternatives to everyday products. Currently, the brand’s social media following is 90% females with an average age of 30, which means they are connecting more with millennials than Gen Z. Perhaps in a bid to engage and younger demographic the brand is running creative life-hack ads on TikTok, as seen with Jessica Clifton. 


Let’s be better in 2021 🌏 ##grovepartner ##ad ##newyear2021 ##zerowaste ##zerowaster ##sustainable

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2. Cherie Tu X Alpro

A study from Oxford University discovered that eating a vegan diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by 73%! I know, cray. But, it is definitely safe to say that those promoting vegan diets are certainly environmental activists in their own right. Take Cherie Tu, a vegan chef from Sydney, Australia who promotes delicious recipes under the mantra that not only is veganism good for the planet but it’s also better for you. Of her 372K Instagram followers, 89% are female and a majority (39%) are actually based in the US. 

Alpro is a Belgian plant-based food and beverage brand, offering dairy alternatives with soya, almonds, rice, oats & coconut. 91% of their Instagram followers are females, 77% are based in the UK and only 5% are from the US. The partnership with Cherie Tu is a perfect match as both Alpro and Cherie advocate environmentally conscious, plant-based eating, and Cherie is able to connect the brand with her vegan-oriented US audience. 

3. Rob Greenfield x VIVOBAREFOOT

Rob Greenfield is an extremely unique influencer because his activism is at the heart of all that he does. It might be more accurate to call him influactivist or an actifluencer…I’m still working on the name, but you get the gist. For example, a recent post presented a 3-course, gourmet meal made entirely of wasted food. His content is powerful and mission-oriented, something his 173K followers will certainly subscribe to. 

Rob had a very interesting collaboration with VIVOBAREFOOT, a shoe brand that vows to reclaim all worn shoes and resell rather than tossing to landfills. Why is this partnership so important? As part of Rob’s environmental activism, he has largely gone barefoot for 10 years as a boycott of the industrial fashion and clothing industry. However, when he learned about Vivo’s mission to reclaim old shoes and stop the cycle of fast fashion, he realized that he finally found a shoe brand he could support. This collaboration produced an extremely strong and effective value-based campaign, presenting VIVOBAREFOOT as the only alternative to boycotting fast fashion. 

How To Discover Sustainable Influencers 

Looking to run a value-based influencer campaign around sustainability or another important brand principle. Schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts, and learn how to identify influencers that authentically support your brand.