8 New Klear Features You Should Know About

From a TikTok integration to an upgraded YouTube search engine, discover how the newest features on Klear can help you!

Lena Young
June 16, 2020

There’s been a lot going on a Klear over the last few weeks. We’ve been rolling out many new features to ensure our clients get the most out of their experience. From customized user permission to a TikTok integration, there’s a lot to talk about.

Check out the latest feature updates on Klear, and learn how they can benefit you and your team! 

1. Customized User Permissions

Klear’s new User Permission feature enables global teams to manage influencer campaigns with peace of mind. Now, you have the power to set customized user permissions, letting you maintain full control over your entire team and ensure optimal collaboration. Permissions can be set for each team member and per specific campaign. 

The Klear account admin can set custom permission levels for all users, thus maintaining control over the entire team. The permission levels are:

  • Edit: Full read and write access
  • View Only: Can view the campaign data, cannot make any changes.
  • Hidden: Campaign won’t appear when this user is logged in.

2. Pricing Benchmark / EMV Estimation

Set influencer rates with confidence by predicting your influencer’s Earned Media Value. Using Klear’s Pricing Benchmark tool, you can assess an influencer’s EMV per social network, which is based on an influencer’s reach and engagement metrics. This allows you to predict an influencer’s performance capabilities and set rates that accurately reflect industry standards and your presumed ROI. This new feature is available on every influencer profile. 

Both influencers and marketers find pricing to be one of the most challenging stages of an influencer campaign. But, as the industry continues to mature, the integration of data enables brands to accurately predict an influencer’s potential and set prices accordingly. Our EMV pricing benchmark lets you estimate influencer spend ROI comparable to media-buying spend. Allowing both parties to feel confident that an agreed rate is fair and in accordance to industry standards. 

Need help navigating influencer rates? Use our Influencer Rate Card as an industry benchmark, and enter negotiations with confidence. 

3. Collaboration Portal For Digital Agencies

For large teams to juggle multiple projects, maintaining transparency in a fast-paced environment can be a challenge.  Especially for agencies managing several campaigns, it’s crucial to ensure all clients are involved in the campaign process. Now, collecting campaign feedback from clients and stakeholders is easier than ever, with our new collaboration portal which eliminates collaboration roadblocks. 

Now you and your stakeholders can review a list of influencers together. In our campaign portal, clients, and other relevant decision-makers, can add comments to influencers and their submitted content. All feedback is private and is only shared between you and your stakeholder. Collaborators can be easily invited to share their feedback, enhancing cooperation and fostering trustful decision making,  

4. Brand Safety Review

Klear’s new Brand Safety tool performs an automatic audience authenticity audit, ensuring that the influencers you select have a real network that will drive meaningful impact. Our Brand Safety tool uses 9 benchmark metrics which determine how authentic an influencer’s audience is. These benchmarks examine a user’s audience to identify signals that could infer an inauthentic network, such benchmarks include; audience post frequency, follower ratio, and private accounts, and also detects the explicit language and “abusive keywords” so there are no surprises down the line.  For each benchmark the influencer will receive either a “pass” or “fail” score, allowing you to perform a full review. 

5. Customizable Influencer Campaign Reports

Klear’s Influencer Campaign reports just got better. Currently, our campaign reports aggregate the full performance of your campaigns, offering digestible insights on a macro and micro level. With Klear’s reports, you and your team can review the entire impact of your campaign with metrics like True Reach or ROI, or do a granular review by an individual influencer. Now, we’re taking our reports up a notch, and allowing for customized reports, ensuring that you and your stakeholders receive the most relevant insights.

Not only can you determine which insights you want in your report, but you also have the power to edit as you see fit before sharing with stakeholders. All reports can be received as an editable Google Slide or PPTX, letting you determine how your campaign success is shared with clients and stakeholders.  

6. TikTok Integration

Everyone’s been talking about TikTok. Whether you’re trying to decide if it’s the same as Vine, or a just fade, there is no denying the popularity. Many brands have been looking to incorporate TikTok into their influencer marketing strategy, and now you can! 

Klear’s new TikTok integration now lets you discover TikTok influencers.

By adding an influencer’s TikTok username to their Klear profile, you can now vet influencers based on TikTok performance. Additionally, The new TikTok integration supports campaign monitoring,  measuring TikTok posts from your influencers by campaign keywords. Monitoring capabilities include engagement metrics and EMV. 

7. Klear Search Algorithm Updated To Serve Local Markets 

Klear’s search engine is powered by a sophisticated AI technology, which can recognize influential users based on thousands of signals. Our search engine formerly had a bias for influencers using the latin-alphabet. Now, with this new update, our AI has been trained to understand additional alphabets and languages, especially in geographies in which English is not the dominant language. Now, search quantities have increased 5X-20X, while search accuracy has improved by 2X. This new update is already live for Japanese and Arabic, and will gradually be released for other languages.

8. A New Way To Discover YouTube Influencers

Our YouTube search engine just got a major overhaul, enhancing our search algorithm to optimize your YouTube discovery opportunities. Now our AI algorithm can identify YouTubers based on any Topic or #hashtag search, allowing you to identify YouTubers who align with your brand goals. This improvement was made by a new proprietary AI our team has developed, which has increased search results by 20X and dramatically improved the relevancy of search results by 5X. Thus offering a comprehensive yet easy process for discovering and vetting YouTube influencers.

Want to learn how these new features can benefit your brand? Schedule a call with one of our influencer marketing experts!