5 Feature Updates Every Klear User Should Know About

Check out some of our favorite customer-requested features that are now live on Klear.

Lena Young
February 11, 2021

Klear is the leading influencer marketing tool. And, even though we have the #1 influencer technology on the market, what really makes us stand out is the rollout of our new features. Having a winning influencer marketing strategy means staying on top of the latest industry trends, and that requires an influencer marketing tool that supports the latest industry developments. 

In 2020, we released over 60 new features. That’s a new feature a week! While our product experts have ideas of features they want to implement to improve the Klear experience, many of our new features come from Klear users! That’s right, in the past year we received 851 feature requests including; a way to recruit influencers from your website or measuring Instagram Story engagements.

Because we love our customer suggestions so much, we’ve integrated a method for you to easily send a feature request within the Klear platform. The new flame icon on the Klear navigation bar is where you can view all new features. Clicking on the icon will render a drop-down of new features, and the “Request a Feature” button is where you can share all your great ideas. 

Product Updates

In keeping with the theme of customer suggestions, here are some of our favorite customer-requested features that are now live on Klear. 

Top Customer Requested Features

1. TikTok Integration

One of our top requested features for 2020 was a TikTok integration. And, while integrating a new social platform within Klear’s capability is no easy undertaking, we knew that giving our clients the ability to run TikTok campaigns was essential. Klear customers can now discover and vet TikTok influencers, easily collaborate, and use data-driven metrics to measure the impact of a TikTok campaign. 

2. Sleek New Campaign PDFs

Influencer Campaign Report

One of the best parts of running a successful campaign is sharing your success with teammates and stakeholders. Klear aggregates all campaign data and impact into a digestible PDF campaign report. A great feature request we received from clients was the ability to edit campaign reports in order to highlight specific elements of their campaign. Now, not only can clients customize campaign reports, but all reports are visualized in a new way to highlight success at first glance. 

3. Explicit Keyword List

Brand Safety report

As brand values have become an integral component of influencer marketing, many brands are performing brand safety checks before entering a collaboration. This requires reviewing influencer’s past collaborations and gauging an understanding of how their values align with brand values. To support an influencer safety check, our customers requested the ability to flag malicious keywords used by an influencer. 

We loved this suggestion because it really supports the ability to integrate values into influencer marketing. By monitoring malicious keywords brands can know they are entering into collaborations with like-minded individuals, who align with and support brand values. 

4. Create and Send Coupon Codes

Influencer Coupon Codes

As more of our clients were leveraging coupon codes into their influencer marketing strategy, it became imperative to easily create and share coupon codes with influencers from Klear. We were more than happy to support this request because it benefits our client’s eCommerce goals, and enables the implementation of influencer loyalty programs. 

 5. Track Conversions

Tracking Influencer Conversions

A really exciting request that recently went live was the ability to track campaign conversions. This is a huge capability for our clients, as it offers further ways to analyze the impact of an influencer campaign. Now, with Klear’s comprehensive measurement capabilities, clients can measure campaign Engagements, Reach, ROI, and Sales. A complete view of total campaign impact!

To learn how Klear can support your brand goals, schedule a call with one of our product experts.