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Find influencers with ease, simply click and connect.
Focus searches with advanced filters and smart AI.
Access 30+ million influencers across the creator economy.

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Real-time influencer analytics including True Reach, engagement and audience demographics.
Analyze influencers across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogs.
Brand Match with influencers based on what matters to you.

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Build Lasting Influencer Connections

One portal for all your influencer communication needs.
Invite, message, collaborate and contract all from one the in-app messaging tool.
Stay in touch with your influencers 24/7.

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Effortlessly Manage influencer relationships every step of the campaign.
Dedicated, in-app workflows make planning streamlined and simple.
Build long term relationships and operationalize authentic your influencer content.

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ROI that's Klear

Real-time metrics at your fingertips for both individual influencers and campaigns.
Ready-to-export designed reports that are beautiful and shareable.
Track and attribute sales, revenue, costs and ROI.

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Reports & Guides
Reports & Guides
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The Total Economic Impact™ of the Klear Platform

Marketers often turn to an influencer marketing solution (IMS) when they want to make a transition from working sporadically with a few influencers to working on an ongoing basis with dozens or even thousands across global teams. Marketers are increasingly treating consumers as brand partners with long-term relationships, shared stories to tell, and open exchanges of value. Data to support consistent, accurate, influencer decisions while streamlining influencer management interactions has become critical. Klear commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Klear platform. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Klear on their organizations.

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Customer Stories
Customer Stories
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Puma Gains 24X Higher Engagement Rate in Influencer Campaigns

For one national sportswear company, brand love keeps growing with the help of influencers. See how Klear helped achieve a 24x engagement rate in 80 countries.

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The Sphere of Influence: How Clients, Agencies & Tech Can Collaborate for the Future

Marketing leaders from Boots, Red Havas and Klear, a Meltwater offering, share their hot take on the table stakes capabilities to differentiate and create a more collaborative approach in the model of the future.

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Reports & Guides
Reports & Guides
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Klear's Retail Holiday Calendar for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Energize your influencer campaigns year round. Being an influencer marketing manager is hectic enough, which is why planning is your best friend. We all know the benefits of a comprehensive, forward-looking content calendar, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration. With Klear you can manage your holiday-themed influencer campaigns (and others) from beginning to end, which means you’re free to focus on doing your best work.

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We Work with Brands that Influence

From Our Clients

From Our Clients

Klear changed the way we understand and approach influencer marketing.

Not only have we eliminated time-consuming tasks, but the ability to discover influencers we might not have ever known about has significantly increased the number and quality of influencers we partner with.

Meri Hovnanyan
Influencer Marketing Program Manager, PicsArt

It's something that we weren't able to quantify before,

but now we're really looking at influencer marketing as a serious investment and something that we want to continue allocating resources for so that we can continue growing our brand.

Victoria Posmantur
Brand Marketing Manager, The Jaunt

Before Klear, the payment process was left to our accounting team.

Not only was this time-consuming, but there were so many intensive parts involved from forms not entered properly to missing information. Klear made everything about the process easier.

Vazul Szakács
Partnerships Director, Steller