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Melissa Joy Kong Social Profile

Melissa Joy Kong

I help companies and people tell great stories. Lover of startups & football. Keeper of the real. Author, Best Life Planner 2016 (link in bio).
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I'm on the road for the next 40 days. A lot of friends have been asking what I'm going to do next, where I'm going to move. And I haven't really answered. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm on this journey to figure it out. All too often, we quickly dive into one thing after the next. I've done this a bunch over the past 7 years and it's been a ton of fun. I love that I've been brave enough to move to brand new cities, make new friends, dive into new work passions. I love that I've been courageous enough to fall in love with people and places. But, I'm heading into a different season now. Time to slow down, savor, be present. Time to make decisions that deeply align with my values, and why I think I'm on this planet, and what I need to do with the breaths I have left. In short, it's time for me to do all the things I've been a little bit afraid to do. We all have a special voice that pulls at us inside. It tells us when we're in places we shouldn't be, doing work that isn't aligned with our ultimate calling, in relationships that aren't ultimately the right fit. And you know what? So many of us are reeeeally good at ignoring that voice. Because that voice isn't out to bring us comfort. It's not there to tell us all the things we want to hear. That voice is there to send us to the edge of ourselves and our comfort. And then it tells us to jump. So that's my hope for you and me. My hope is that we be brave enough to listen to and follow that voice inside of us that gently whispers, "It's time for you to fly." Maybe it looks like you quitting a job you hate. Or leaving a job you mostly enjoy, but know it isn't what you really need to be doing. Maybe it looks like getting out of a relationship, even if you love that person and don't want to cause him/her pain. Maybe it looks like giving away everything you own, throwing on a backpack, and heading to the airport without a plan. Whatever it is, my hope is that you listen. This life isn't that long, and you were given yours for a reason. If you know what that reason is, now is the time to start living like you do. And if you don't, maybe now is the time for you to get on the road and figure it out.
68 | June 4, 2015

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