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Caroline K Winegeart Social Profile

Caroline K Winegeart

San Diego
Helping soulful creatives become their brightest selves. Lover of bright colors + even brighter people. Big fan of high-contrast design + low-maintenance hair.
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Yep, I LITERALLY #wokeuplikethis. In case you haven’t seen it around already, Ashley over at @fireandwindco has started a 3-day movement encouraging entrepreneurs to post their fears, vulnerabilities, and missteps as a part of #theimperfectboss movement. If you’re following me, hopefully by now you know how much I value the sharing of raw, real emotions, but when Ashley invited me to post my own #theimperfectboss story, I felt a bit stuck on what to share. Over the course of Made Vibrant, I’ve talked openly about many of my own imperfect moments: feeling like an imposter artist, struggling with anxiety, products that failed, projects that flopped... And so I wanted to dig even deeper to uncover a truth that maybe I hadn’t yet revealed to myself. What I discovered is that while I promote self-love and finding your confidence within, I actually tend to hide behind my work sometimes. I find it challenging (as many women do) to stand in my own skin, to own my appearance and to have confidence in my physical body. It's why I rarely share photos of myself... ever. I don’t post selfies because I fear a) I won’t be “pretty” or done up enough and people will unfollow me or b) on the other end of the spectrum, that I’ll appear full of myself and over-confident (another turn off). So...today, here’s my no-make-up selfie as a reminder to myself that if I believe imperfect ART is beautiful, maybe I need to start applying that belief to my own sense of beauty and the way I see my physical appearance. What I love about #theimperfectboss movement is: None of us has it all together. None of us is free of fears or insecurities or failures. None of us can operate as our brightest selves ALWAYS. The key is having the courage to admit when we feel vulnerable, to press forward and create anyway, and to connect with others who can see the beauty in our collective flaws. Thanks to Ashley for giving these feelings visibility and voice!
534 | May 18, 2016
#AbstractAffirmationsDaily 37/366 • “Figure” *** Oh man did I fight a battle with the tax monsters today. It may sound silly, but as anyone out there who has started a small business can attest, taxes are no simple thing to figure out. I spent my Saturday Googling things like “state nexus” and “retail license” and trying to translate state tax codes into some semblance of the English language. These past few years have been a gradual climb toward “going pro” and now I finally feel I’m at the point where my business has its big girl pants on. I have a bookkeeper, an accountant, a federally recognized business entity (and all the paperwork to prove it.) And yet, today as I was Googling myself in circles and sending desperate emails to my accountant, I felt like I was back at square one again trying to navigate around in a foreign country. I helpless and, honestly, kind of incompetent at times. “WHY doesn’t this make more sense to me,” I’d ask myself. After hours of pulling my hair out, I was right on the verge of giving up. I figured I’d just have to trust all of this to the pros and have faith in the people whose jobs are to help me. But I couldn’t quit. I did not want this blip of a thing called taxes to beat me! So I kept reading, kept searching, until I arrived at some sort of understanding of what I was trying to accomplish. I realized that, yes, some things in life are just plain complicated. We can spend our time wishing that were different, OR we can do our best to figure it out and press on. Hey, if starting a business was easy, everyone would do it, right? So, whatever your hurdle is today, be it taxes or business or a whole slew of other challenges that exist out there for us humans, keep believing that you WILL figure this out. Just do your best with what you have and don’t let it beat you. You WILL figure this out. *** #AbstractAffirmationsDaily prints will be available for pre-order starting next Thursday, 2/11! To get updates FIRST and exclusive deals, get on the email list here: ➡️madevibrant.com/daily. (Plus get a free downloadable print by entering your email!) #creativity #dailyproject #abstractart #acrylicart #BetterLetteringCourse #
551 | February 7, 2016
#AbstractAffirmationsDaily 38/366 • “Fan” *** Imagine if we rooted for ourselves the way we root for our favorite sports teams. I mean, I know I don’t have a TON of experience in this arena. (I’d hardly consider myself a football fan.) But I watched tonight like most everyone else and I couldn’t help but think how much we all care. We cross our fingers for our favorite team. We muster every ounce of belief that our guy will pull off the big play or come back to win. We hope, we pray, and we celebrate every single yard gained. What if we all treated ourselves with the same level of belief? What if we invested as much in our own outcomes as the outcome of the big game? What if we were there for ourselves every yard, celebrating every completion, every inch of ground gained instead of listening to the doubt and the criticism and the inevitable “you’re not good enough” thoughts that creep in. What if we were fanatical about supporting *ourselves* no matter what? I don’t know much about football, but I do know that it’s a game where everything can change in an instant. A true fan is the one who stands by their team no matter what, and I wish we all could be our own biggest, truest fans. To celebrate every yard, every inch, every moment until victory, and to be kind and supportive to ourselves in moments of defeat. To show up at game time ready to cheer until we go hoarse. To beam with pride when we take home the trophy — whatever it may be. Whatever outcome you were hoping for tonight, just remember that every day is a chance to be your own biggest fan. *** #AbstractAffirmationsDaily prints will be available for pre-order starting next Thursday, 2/11! To get updates FIRST and exclusive deals, get on the email list here: ➡️madevibrant.com/daily. (Plus get a free downloadable print by entering your email!) #creativity #dailyproject #lettering #abstractart #acrylicart #BetterLetteringCourse #
420 | February 8, 2016
#AbstractAffirmationsDaily 27/366 • “Overthink” *** Yesterday I shared a bit about one way I get myself out of a creative rut, but in terms of what catapults me into said creative rut in the first place… most times the entity responsible is that bossy little voice who desperately wants to be in charge: my brain. (Seriously, don’t you just wish you could shut the whole place down every now and then? “Sorry, we’re closed today! Come back tomorrow!”) If I’m frustrated and anxious, staring at a blank page, this usually means I’m trying to THINK my way through art rather than FEEL my way through art, which is only a recipe for over-analysis, doubt, and angst. When that happens, I try my best to just immerse myself in the studio, crank up the tunes, and paint whatever comes from the heart. I don’t try to think about what colors would look good together or how to make it different from the last piece or, frankly, even concentrate on what I’m doing; instead I try to focus my attention on not thinking at all. In that way, the process becomes a sort of meditation that loosens me up, gets me out of my head and allows my intuition to take the reins. Finally, that bossy voice takes a backseat and the pressure is off. And suddenly I’m creating from the heart again and not the head. Whatever it is you’re obsessing about, over-analyzing, rethinking, rehashing, or reworking for the twelfth time, let it go. Quiet your bossy brain and find your way back to your intuition — back to your heart. Create whatever makes you feel good because in my experience, the soul knows way more than the brain could ever articulate. *** To follow the #AbstractAffirmationsDaily project online + to sign up for updates about the upcoming print shop releases, visit ➡️madevibrant.com/daily. (Plus get a free downloadable print by entering your email!) #creativity #dailyproject #lettering #abstractart #acrylicart #
401 | January 28, 2016

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