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marcela valladolid Social Profile

marcela valladolid

San Diego
co-host @foodnetwork's #TheKitchen- Author #MexicanMadeEasy #FreshMexico Fau&D's mom and PDB's mujer...
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Monitors came off this morning. Anna is coming home today. 9 days, 18 hours and 42 minutes after she was born, our semi-premie is finally coming home to meet her brothers. Maybe one day I'll tell the full story, maybe I won't. About how we could't hold her for 3 days when she was born. About the angels that helped us watch over her at the NICU. The inability to leave the hospital without her so I literally camped out there for 10 days. And when I finally did come home for a couple of hours to see F and D, I was so nervous for leaving that when I went back to the hospital I left the motor running on the car for a full 24 hours in the parking garage. Or how one time at about 3:45 am after a feeding I walked into the wrong room and woke up a new mommy/daddy/baby. Or that one time I went ape-shit on a nurse. And how Philip always made sure I had chocolate chip cookies. And how my friend Lizette would whatsap every morning asking for progress. How every little advancement felt like winning an olympic gold medal, like when we could actually dress her or when the feeding tube came out. How my sis wisely said, cry it out then suck it up and get that baby home, no time to feel sorry for yourself... And that's what we did. The irony of life, as I was slowly getting more involved with @miraclebabies I happened to birth one of my own... And even in the toughest of moments I was able to feel gratitude because I knew Anna's stay would be short compared to the mamas and babies that have to be there for weeks and months. Someday we might tell the story, right now we're just gonna thank God that Anna, David, Fau, Philip, Kongo and myself can celebrate Christmas together, under one roof. Welcome home Anna Carina... All of your kind words were read between feedings at the hospital. Thank you... ❤️❤️M
18,586 | December 15, 2016
It's her world. We're just living in it. She came to teach us patience. When my boys, like me, rushed through everything, this one takes her sweet time. It takes close to an hour per feeding, when the boys fed 8 minutes per side and done... That means very little time to rest in between feedings. I have only one super power that, in moments like these, I look up and thank the Powers a few times a day. I don't sleep. I actually very much dislike sleep. I get up multiple times at night wanting it to be morning already. Some form of anxiety, for sure. But hey, it's great right now. Many questions about pumping. Although I am fortunate, it's A LOT of work. Anna, for now, feeds better with a bottle. Faster and more volume than on my breast (I know this because of all the weighing in the NICU). But she has a good latch so we just need to build strength. She nurses for one feeding and, for the next, I pump and bottle feed. So I alternate around the clock. Sometimes it feels like the twilight zone or like being in a Vegas casino where you kind of don't know if it's day or night. But it's all about perspective. I'm running a marathon for her right now. I don't care how many comments I get on "self care" (I honestly feel we do a little too much of that in the West), right now this family teams up and we run the marathon for her. Then when she's strong we go back to normal (whatever that means!). But there's no trick but ROUND THE CLOCK PUMPING, water, hard naps and a very carefully selected and nurtured support system because "lucky" my ass...
14,122 | December 18, 2016

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