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Celebrity Trainer Owner of Clutch Bodyshop Los Angeles http://www.clutchbodyshop.com
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I'm going to preface what I'm about to say with this; I grew up watching my Mom and all her sisters battle their weight...there is power in the things we tell each other as women and the excuses we make for each other...but honestly, when the excuse puts someone's health on the line, it's not ok. Honestly, of ALL the excuses I've ever heard, this is the one I hate the most. The human body was born to be healthy, lean and strong. Don't tell me that all the women in your family are "big-boned"...because if I look at how all the women in your family eat, it will be clear that the issue is with What your consuming and most often, how you are using food to deal with your emotions. This is the "why" and this lie that it's a family curse is ONLY making it worse for you...for your sisters...your mom and your daughters. It's time to rip the band-aid off and get real about the actual science of the human body which is: your appearance is the truest reflection of what you are consuming...whether you're doing it privately or not, I have NEVER met a single person who is battling a weight issue who is exercising hard 4x a week and eating clean. Never. The conversation that we need to be having is, "Why are you sabotaging yourself? Why are you eating yourself into oblivion when you feel anxious? Powerless? Or stressed? There is POWER in truth because as hard as it is to confront, it drags the secret into light which is the ONLY place a solution can be birthed from. Ladies, You were born to be healthy, confident and beautiful! Stopping letting people you care about lie to themselves and let's get real and accountable. No one wants to be over-weight...it makes you feel like CRAP physically and emotionally. It's time to start using all that energy put towards excuses into changing the way we eat and move
1,887 | January 26, 2016
1,948 | November 16, 2015
#Friday #ClutchArmy
1,243 | April 10, 2015
Knowing that I am a Christian has caused many of my close friends to ask me what my opinion is on this...as someone who has always felt comfortable and confident in exactly who I am, it's absolutely impossible for me to understand Bruce Jenners struggle.... On the "Christian" side, I know what selections of the bible say...,but for me, I also know what Jesus taught....unconditional and unrelenting love...not for those that are "like" us...but for ALL. The church and right-wing conservatives will most definitely have a field day with this...but as I opened my Instagram today and began searching for the words to respond to the text messages I was receiving from friends looking for my opinion.... this came to mind, "When kids are walking 'round the hallway plagued by pain in their heart....A world so hateful some would rather die than be who they are"..I just sort of sat for a moment in total silence....I couldn't recall who this quote was from so I googled it and it was from Mackelmore. As I thought thinking about my own life, I considered that it was Jesus, NOT human beings changed my life....so knowing that Jesus has commanded us to love strangers like we would our own brothers and sisters, that he commanded us to treat each other with kindness and compassion...and that it is in the presence of love, NEVER hate that God transforms, heals, restores and strengthen us...the word that comes to my heart is LOVE. We are not here to throw hate and judgement at our brothers and sisters or try and play God...we are here to love them. After much prayer this morning, this is my response: In a world where it is SO much easier to stay silent than to speak up I believe that if Caitlyn's bravery to come forward saves one transgender, gay, lesbian or bi-sexual from suicide...if her bravery allows those who are suffering to feel like they have hope...and that if her message allows those who are hurting to believe that GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN...than in my book, Caitlyn is a hero. Love conquers all...to any person who wants to post ANY sort of hateful or judgemental comment below, please save it. You can use your own platform for that. This ones for love and light only.
1,058 | June 1, 2015
#wcw she's been called many things because of her ferocious voice on the court and the fact that she looks like a REAL athlete. She has muscles that have afforded her the ability to rise out of Compton and become one of the most recognizable names in sports. As I read some of the comments online regarding the Vanity Fair shoot...the words, "She looks like a man" kept coming up. It's absolutely crazy to me that this body wouldn't be celebrated by everyone for its strength, power and athleticism...have we become so brain-washed by society that we that we think rail thin is the true definition of beauty? Are we so un-evolved as a society that we will celebrate severely over-weight men...as long as they are successful and mention NOTHING of the fact they are fat....yet... we will tear down one of the world's top pro athletes because she looks like...well, an athlete? I used to watch Serena play when I was in high school and I was absolutely enamored by her speed and power...enamored by the fact that she would yell...she would show emotion...that she refused to be put in the pretty little box women's professional tennis tries to put their athletes in...you go on with your bad self @serenawilliams ...you're everything an athlete should be...brush your shoulders off and tell those haters that perhaps their time would be better spent building their own bodies... (which they are CLEARLY insecure about) rather than trying to tear yours down. Mad respect to female athletes all around the globe
1,057 | August 12, 2015
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