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Luigi Shorty Rossi Social Profile

Luigi Shorty Rossi

Philanthropist, Pit Bull/Bully Activist, Cigar Activist, Cigar Blender, Author, Producer, Wine Lover, World Traveler, Cigar Lover, United 1K & living in Mexico.
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Luigi Shorty Rossi's Top Content

Geisha , I saved her life and she saved my life. Almost 14 years ago I walked into the Los Angeles City Shelter on Lacy Street to rescue a pit bull, my first one out of prison. As I walked down the hallways I felt like I was in Folsom Prison, but for dogs. I came to one dog run and saw this dog who was going to be put down that day if no one would take her. She was beautiful and demanded attention. I filled out the paperwork and paid the fees. I was told to come back in 5-6 hours to pick her up after she was fixed. I came back and the supervisor told me to come back the next day to pick up another dog. They forgot to spay with dog and was basically going to kill her. I had a fit and the supervisor when to call the police when I friend from high school was working there now, told me how to use the side gate to get out. So I took this dog and saved her life, not knowing that she was going to save my life. After going through what I went to get her, I started to get involved in Pit Bull Rescue and Breed awareness. Of course I couldn’t get one, then came Mussolini, Bebi and many more. These dogs gave me a reason to do good for someone else and keep me out of trouble and out of jail. If it wasn’t for Geisha I may have been back in prison If it wasn’t for Geisha there would be no Shorty’s Rescue If it wasn’t for Geisha there would of never been Pit Boss If it wasn’t for Geisha, a lot more pit bulls would never be saved I just want to thank her for saving my life. For giving me a purpose in life. She was always my favorite, sorry Hercules, you are too. I don’t know how I am going to go back to my house in Mexico and not see her there. Geisha, thank you, I love you, and you will be missed. Shorty Rossi
1,144 | November 2, 2013
Today has been a good day. I can not explain why, but it seemed that everyone knew I am in silent pain over the passing of Geisha yesterday. From the time I woke up in my hotel room this morning and packing for my trip my assistant Omar went out his way to make sure my day would be better. From the staff @marriott Courtyard for opening up the bistro earlier so I can have my espresso. From our driver Sako going out of his way with the best service to the airport. From the red cap Russell at Orlando International for handling all 9 bags and wouldn't take a tip. To the @united ticket agents being more cheerful than ever. To the TSA agent who took My assistant Omar through the employee line security check point since he couldn't go through the Pre TSA check line so I would not have to wait for him since the airport was packed. To the staff at the United Club in Orlando for putting us out of sight. To the flight crew on our flight to Houston going out of their way to make us happy as they knew through Facebook of my pain. To the staff at the United Club in Houston who also knew of my pain bought a kid who was a fan of Pit Boss who was so happy to meet us he almost cried. It reminded me of why we do what we do. To the cart driver in Houston who drove extra fast to get us to our gate since it changed. He almost took out a couple of people. To the flight crew on our flight to Dallas who entertained us with laughter. We now have landed in Dallas to speak at the Rock A Bully event. I knew I couldn't cancel it Geisha wouldn't want that. It is because of her I am in Dallas now. Thank you to the people who are making my life easier today. Thank you again Geisha
600 | November 3, 2013

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