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Samantha Wills

New York
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3,928 | August 15, 2016
[2004] No One Starts A Business To Be Small… I didn’t go to university.Hell,I didn’t even finish my TAFE visual merchandising course.All I knew is I wanted to create a brand that people wanted to be a part of, I didn’t really know HOW I was going to do it,but I knew I loved being creative, I loved the concept of branding & and I knew whatever I did,I wanted it to be big. I left my home town of Port Macquarie & packed everything I could fit in to my Corolla hatch back & set off down the highway to the big smoke of Sydney.I was working full time at SurfDiveNSki at Eastgardens by day, handmaking jewellery by night, selling it down at Bondi Markets every Sunday, lining up from 4am to get my regular market stall spot, & every other night, I was hustling friends of friends to host a ‘jewellery party’ for me in their home, similar to Nutri-metics party plan,I would come in & layout my jewellery on strangers dining tables,while they invited their friends over to shop my handmade wares.Every single cent went back into buying beads & components, to restock for the weekend markets. A year of juggling all this & a friend from the markets offered me a spot on a showroom wall at Fashion Week.I had a 42 piece sample collection made up entirely of earrings, pinned with thumb tacks to cheap satin covered cork boards. The spot cost me $500,it was all the cash I had,& hoping to make just the cost back, I took the spot, and ended up writing $17,000 worth of orders to boutiques across the country. I threw myself into making this business my career.I had absolutely NO idea what I was getting myself into,but it was the break I had been waiting for. This is me 12 years ago, making orders from that fashion week trade show on a green cutting board.The little purple pile on the corner of the desk is the start of production for an order of earrings – each pair took an hour to make, I had one order alone that was for 60 pairs of them. I had a fax machine, a triplicate copy order book, $20,000 of credit card debt & a calculator. This picture was taken in 2004… It took me 12 years to become an overnight success. – SWx #BelieveBig – LAUNCHING JUNE 12, 2016
3,463 | June 6, 2016
FORBES; Not just a Country Town in rural Australia... Growing up, to me, Forbes was a small country town I would visit with my Dad when he had to do a rural NSW run, selling shoes when it was the school holidays. It was a tiny town past Bathurst, south of Parkes, and if you hit Condobolin, well, you bloody well missed the turn off. As it turns out, @Forbes is also a magazine, and is a really big fucking deal, and today I have been overwhelmed (a word I am using a lot of late!) from yesterday's profile feature. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their messages & words of celebration, & support on this placement, to friends & family who have celebrated the wins over the past 12 years, & also stuck it out with me through the darker of times - and the most thanks & gratitude, to the amazingness that is TEAM SW. Past & present, anyone who has touched the brand over the years, to the incredible team in place now - it is not lost on me how gracious it is of each of you, to choose to work with me in this brand, & especially to work on a brand that the founder (not only so modestly named the company after herself!) is involved in the business, and therefore get all the public credit & acclaim for - when the reality is, it is what it is, because of each of you. If it was all me, it would still be a dining room hobby, with a bad debt & a baked bean jaffel imbalance.... It is an incredibly gracious move on each of your behalves, and one I appreciate with gratitude, every single day. Exciting doors are opening off the back of the past 2 weeks, and I am excited & humbled to have the opportunity to lead the @SamanthaWillsOfficial brand, to the next stage of this journey. Dad, thanks for taking me on trips with you to Forbes when I was in high school, and thanks for letting me play my 1997 mixed tapes the whole way, except for weekdays between 9am-Midday when the John Laws show was on the radio, where I would whinge about how boring it was was, and you would tell me to 'listen, as I might just bloody learn something'. Turns out you were right, and I bloody did. - SWx http://bit.ly/SW_Forbes_Magazine #SamanthaWills @SamanthaWillsFoundation
3,359 | June 29, 2016

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