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Shauna Mackenzie Social Profile

Shauna Mackenzie

Major ❤️ to Twitter but I rarely engage here anymore aside from scheduled tweets. I DO want to engage w/ you on FB where I'm active. Give me a holler there!
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Two years ago today I dissolved the company I started when I was 22. I called it a “rebrand”. But on some level I was aware that that was a lie. I didn’t rebrand it. I quit it. I started Mackenzie Image Consulting from a pure place. I loved showing people how to capitalize on image & body language to help them sell more effectively or feel more confident on date night. But over the years, my personal growth was weighed down with the anchor of my own company I had built. I became disinterested in client work & felt contempt about my industry, which is where I put all my energy & focus. But my issue wasn’t my industry. My issue was me. I made a rookie business mistake. I held on to something that no longer worked for me for far too long. I have notebooks from day 1 with MIC, year 3 with MIC & the day we launched @BestKeptSelf. And what is absolutely magical is that my brainstorms all boiled down to the same series of words: Help people capitalize on what they already have so they can maximize their entire experience. Even spookier, when I was brainstorming names for MIC back in 2007, I had jotted down ‘Best Self’. What I didn’t know at the time was that “Kept” is a very significant word that I would later in life discover as the center of my whole life mission and hence the reason we call it Best KEPT Self. It’s not enough to simply aim to be your Best Self. Being your Best KEPT Self means you put your self-care at the forefront of what you do. You make it a lifestyle, not a destination to be reached. Your love for yourself is KEPT close to your heart. And you embrace what makes you unique. Even at your lowest moments, you still have confidence. Happy 2nd birthday to BKS. I love you more than the day you were born & I show gratitude for having the self-awareness 2 years ago to quit something that was no longer working for me. If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have the life I’m living, which is a pretty amazing one. And to all who have embraced BKS over the past 2 years - our contributors, our fans, our sponsors, and our team - I hope you raise a glass today and say to yourself, “No one can be my Best Kept Self like I can.” Amen for that.
192 | May 5, 2016

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