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Morgan Day Cecil Social Profile

Morgan Day Cecil

Warrior princess, poet, dancer. Pursuing romance and adventure with grace and peace.
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United States
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Morgan Day Cecil's Top Content

What no one cool on instagram ever tells you is how bad it hurts to lose followers. I’m not that cool, so I am free to tell you. It hurts. Those of us who are trying to sort our way through this cosmically ridiculous but necessary evil of trying to “create our own brand” and “build a platform” online are faced with the impossible task of needing to garner approval and gain popularity (if we wish to feed our families with our online business) and at the same time, not care a lick about it (if we wish to stay sane and protect our souls). But you don’t go from 100 to 1000, or 10,000 to 100,000 followers without noticing. No one who is that adept at taking selfies is that socially unaware. So it’s a weird game we find ourself playing, full of secret rules about when to post, how often to post, what hashtags to use and who to tag so they might repost you (a flood of new followers for you!). Make no mistake about it: there is a tremendous amount of mental energy, strategy and time that goes into all this, and no one really talks about it. Most glamorous things have their own seedy side, and instagram is no different. The impossible standard of being cool on social media reminds me of another impossible standard many of us were forced to endure as young women: Be sexy! But not tooo sexy. Do everything in your power to be attractive and to make all the boys want you, but DON'T YOU DARE sleep with them. The line between Goddess and Temptress was no line at all, but a plank aboard a ship, and all of us who were forced to walk it eventually fell into the ocean of society’s sick and conflicted unconscious. Tied to our feet was an anchor of shame, the weight of all the marble pedestals we have collectively fallen from. Naturally, we should have drowned. But, magically, we did not. This is Grace. Because in the depths is Depth itself, and the Deep transforms us, making us into holy mermaids, where we learn how to breathe even underwater, and maybe even help someone else. I’m telling you I suck at this, this social media stuff. Everyday I want to delete it all (and I’m sure some of you are saying, BE MY GUEST!) But I don’t, because... (Continued in comments)
235 | October 19, 2015
(Speaking my ❤️) Here's the great news: LIFE CAN BEGIN AGAIN. It's not the end of the world to fail. It's not the end of the world to go through a divorce or to be a single mom. These things happen to a lot of us and they aren't anybody's first choice for how you dream life to go, but you don't have to hold onto shame or despair any longer. Life can begin again. It has for a hundreds of millions of years. It has for us. We are the imperfect ones. We are the ones that failed at love and lived in heartbreak. And, we are the ones who continue to love and believe in this thing we call "true romance and meaningful adventure." Every time we mention that Ronnie has been divorced and I got pregnant before marriage we lose a few dozen, to a few hundred followers. But this is us. We don't want to promote any myth that romance and adventure is just for the perfect ones, the lucky ones, the ones whose relationship with Relationship has never been hard. Here is some more good news...Our personal history of suffering has made us better lovers, and your personal history of suffering can do the same for you. Ronnie and I accept eachother in our imperfections because long ago we both had to learn how to accept our own. Here is even more good news: Life is lighter after you've gone through a few dark nights of the soul. It gets easier to laugh at yourself and find humor in the mysteries. Old people who have been married for 40+ years are happy not because their marriages have been easy, but because they have learned how to be forgiving and curious and tender companions. It has been my experience that hurting is real, but on the other side of hurting you get this amazing gift of seeing life with new eyes...And these new eyes make it easier to fall in love daily even when things aren't perfect. On the other side of your present pain, disappointment and cynicism are all the things you once were grateful for, in awe of, called Beautiful. They aren't gone forever, they are on their way back to you in more *real* than ever before. Yes, friends, life can begin again. Accept what has been. Forgive what remains for you to forgive. Be courageous & do not be afraid to love again.
255 | May 5, 2016

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