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Steff Reed Social Profile

Steff Reed

New York
I Am The Leader of the #NewSoulRenaissance movement. Curator of #FrontlineExhibition and #AcousticExchange platforms | Creator of #TheIntervention EP
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Team. ✌
185 | October 4, 2016
5 years of hard work, dedication, discipline, sacrifice, winning, losing, disappointments, learning, breakdowns and breakthroughs. It's surreal that I've gotten to this point. Getting on this journey towards higher education started as an effort to salvage the life I once lead and ended up becoming the foundation to creating the new life that was waiting for me...The real me. It's surreal that when I started this path I was starting my life over, sleeping on my dad's couch and extremely humbled by life.. Studying full time while raising 2 children, building a new music career as an artist, teaching music part time, assisting in the projects of others, touring nationally and internationally and figuring out my life and my purpose. I think about all the ups and downs. Questioning and doubting if this was worth the time, effort and investment. Struggling to stay motivated and to stay committed to completing what I started. I remember being on academic probation and losing my financial aid. Busking on the train to pay for tuition. Using the refunds from my student loans, PELL and TAP grants to invest in my career and brand...then to pay rent. I remember flying to London to perform on your with The late great Bobby Womack and GinaRe Womack and working on papers on the plane, backstage and In the hotel. I remember creating an independent study to learn about the history of Cuban music and culture and studying abroad. I remember writing dozens of life experience essays to get college credit for my learning in music education, music production, artist development, planning events, getting sponsors, songwriting, playing piano by ear, vocal performance etc.. I remember graduating with my associates degree in 2014 and having my son be able to witness it and for him to realize what is possible for him because of my example... I remember failing college algebra and college writing 3 times each and eventually passing them both. Shout out to My dad, Mom, Nahlia Diaz, Shirley Faison, Jessie Marie, Unlearn, Lisa Parkins, George Addison, Latasha Mercer, Berry Boo, Judith Insell, for supporting and pushing me to the finish line. I am officially a college graduate
131 | June 16, 2016
When I think about how awesome it is to be featured on a billboard In the middle of time square, I immediately am reminded of how far I've come, how much I've lost, how hard I've worked and how much I've cried and hurt. It really speaks to the cliche sayings about never giving up. And I can't stress enough how much I've been through and how many times I've been told that me and my work aren't legitimate and/or don't matter. I actually went to high school a block away from this billboard on 43rd street and I think about all the hours of practicing, working and dreaming. Mixed with the bullying, hating and fighting, it puts it all into perspective. If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I could see myself touring nationally and internationally, putting out my own music, getting degrees, being featured on billboards, curating events, etc AND on my own terms.... I would tell you that it's a cool idea, but far fetched. You really gotta believe in yourself and follow through because you never know what is possible when you fully apply yourself and make a commitment to winning. There was a time 5 years ago before any of this that I thought that the best life had to offer me had come and gone...people told me I was washed up and I believed them. I say that to say...FUCK WHAT PEOPLE SAY, FUCK THE BULLSHIT NEGATIVE ASS THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD AND THE FEAR OF Failure or looking bad....DO YOU AND LIVE IN YOUR OWN TRUTH. Anything and everything is possible when you lock in and do what God put you here to do. Thank you @scotchporter for choosing me to be a part of the dope campaign!!
116 | March 1, 2016

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