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Amber Zuckswert Social Profile

Amber Zuckswert

Costa Rica
CEO of http://Epicself.com | Dance, Pilates, Yoga Instructor | Holistic Nutritionist | Online Coaching Programs | Retreats & Teacher Trainings
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United States
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Amber Zuckswert's Top Content

Let go of what you think is real. Whether it's a person, a job, a lifestyle or cultural programming. If you are eager for change or at a gigantic crossroads you must first create space for what could be. Open your heart to open your mind. Get perspective. You are limitless and more than capable. You are equipped with all you need to manifest your ideal reality. You already hold the paint brushes. How do you begin? Plant the seeds with your thoughts. Speak and act in alignment with those new beliefs. Say goodbye to people and environments that tether and manipulate you into being what you are not. You DONT need to hold others peoples drama and carry their traumas. You DONT need to bear the burden and pain of the world on your shoulders. You CAN move locations. You CAN learn to let go. You CAN heal. You might not even know you are holding onto someone, or something, until its released. The immense relief and peace within your heart is how you know. There are always deeper levels of release. That you can always depend on. The ego doesn't understand this, but the spirit knows. Change is never easy. Our egos fight to hold on and fight to let go. Instead, we must accept what is and allow ourselves to feel fully. It's okay to clear your heart and breathe through the pain. Only then, with a new open space, can you step forward to receive your intentions. We are spirits having a human experience. We are on a rapid spiraling trajectory through the cosmos to express and develop ourselves for the benefit of the planet. In the process of this discovery the techniques most valuable are letting go of all that is not you, aligning with this moment, receiving and giving love, expressing and creating you. Double tap if you agree! Eager for more #truth? My next two night Shamanic Ayahuasca Retreat is October 9th-10th. Very limited space for this small group awakening. Email me at amber@epicself.com for application.
605 | September 23, 2015
We need the primary old growth rainforest. They are the lungs of our planet. We will not exist without them. It's absolutely UNBELIEVABLE and UNBEARABLE that more than 200,000 acres of the rainforest are burned every day. That is more than 150 acres lost EVERY minute of EVERY day, and 78 million acres lost every year. This must stop. We must stop burning down the rainforest to graze and grow grain for cattle. Grain that could feed all of the people in the world easily and resolve world hunger over night. The global cattle industry is the number one reason for climate change. It is the number one reason we slash and burn the most bio diverse ecosystems on Earth. A colossal tragedy. All so we can eat more hamburgers. Those who have never experienced the rainforests energy have no idea of its power. It's a feeling that you can't describe. An awakening. A home coming. A feeling of being fully alive and in tune. It's a magical place full of undiscovered treasure. Deeply healing medicines scientists are only now beginning to superficially comprehend are hidden amongst the vines and flowers. I urge you to embody your ethics. YOU are the voice for the trees. You vote with your fork. Every time you eat you make a choice. To support the problem or to be the change. Not convinced this is the most massive issue our generation will face? Please watch "Cowspiracy" the documentary. Visit the rainforest. Walk into the wild. Feel it's heart sync with yours. We are one. May we vow to protect and honor the trees. For our future, for the Earth, because it's our responsibility
575 | August 12, 2015
530 | November 25, 2015
Trust love. This was my mantra as I sat in meditation two nights ago during my 9th ayahuasca ceremony. As I looked around the temple surrounded by 14 other courageous spirits prepped and ready for the light journey ahead I was flooded with immense knowing. A knowing from every cell and the depth of my heart, that I was on the right path, in the right place, at the perfect time. As their bright eyes gazed back into mine I could sense their anticipation, excitement and fear of the unknown. They had flown from far reaches of the globe to be here in Costa Rica, surrounded by the rainforest, in a hand built bamboo temple, to shed layers of their emotional baggage, awaken to higher levels of consciousness, and connect to the source energy of the universe. As a space holder for the group I sync into a deep deep mediation focusing on my breath and mantra about 30 mins before the ceremony begins and do my best to maintain it throughout the night. As the medicine intensifies within me and everyone I continue to send and receive love and light from my heart. This ceremony was far far more powerful than all of my previous experiences. I was taken to what felt like another dimension. A complete oneness. Oneness with the universe, where there is no mind and body. For three hours I left my physical reality on Earth and was immersed in a technicolor collage of the web of light that makes up our universe. I could physically feel the people around me, my connection to the Earth, and occasionally see the people supporting me as my body received immense downloads from the stars. I allowed myself to receive and let go fully. My ability to repeat my mantra vanished. I was receiving light language, no words. Every time I tried to understand what was happening and fight with my ego I had to let go, trust and feel the love pouring through. Then my eyes began to focus, the Earth became more concrete and I got up to purge in the leaves. The physical purge is a representation for the spiritual and emotional cleanse that's happening. The crystal clear peace, joy and clarity that washed over me afterward was unfathomable bliss and beauty. To be continued...
508 | August 22, 2015

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