2017 Best Influencer Marketing Conferences

If you are serious about influencer marketing, learning from hands-on experienced marketers is exactly what you need. Here we’ve gathered a list of of the best influencer marketing talks in the top social media marketing conferences of 2017. These keynotes, workshops, and panels will help you adopt the best practices of today’s influencer marketing. March Social […]

L’Oréal Shows The Beauty of Diversity With Influencers

Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in US history. 43% of today’s young adults are non-white, compared to 25% of the people over the age 55. This generation is not only more diverse, but also more liberal. According to a recent survey by  Pew Research Center, people in the ages of 18-33 hold more […]

How Influencers Boost Mobile App Downloads [The Avis Story]

The app industry can be confusing. On the bright side, thousands of new apps are submitted to the app stores each month. But on the other side, people do not download that much of apps these days. In fact, most US smartphone owners download zero apps (!) in a typical month. This behavior makes it difficult for app […]

What’s the ROI of Influencer Marketing? [The Starbucks Case Study]

For nearly 20 years Starbucks releases a special edition of their cups around the holidays season. The company sets aside the labeled white cups and serves its drinks in festive red cups. This holiday season Starbucks decided to make something special: they released a limited edition of the red cups decorated with 13 paintings made by customers […]

Influencer Marketing Lessons for 2017

For us, 2016 was an amazing ride. Fortune 500 companies and top digital agencies decided to trust us as their influencer marketing solution. Here are 6 truths we learned during this ride and wanted to share with you. Happy New Year! 1. You Don’t Need More Than 50 Influencers The world’s 3rd largest smartphone company did […]

Teach Yourself Influencer Marketing In a Day

For many businesses, influencer marketing is still a land they’ve never set foot on. Making the first step is not always easy. That’s why we’ve decided to share the best resources to learn influencer marketing online. In this blog post you will find 9 great resources that will guide you all the way from finding […]

Checklist: How to Choose Influencers For Your Brand

There are many influencers in the online sea. Deciding which influencer is the perfect match for your brand can be pretty simple – with the right data in hand. The checklist below provides the criteria for vetting an influencer with just a few steps. Following the checklist will help you stay away from vanity metrics like the audience size and […]

The Story of Huawei and 11 WOWy Influencers

It’s hard to find a global brand who is truly transparent about its marketing strategy. Huawei is one of these brands. In a recent blog post by Joy Tan, Huawei’s president of global media and communications explained what made the company start an influencer marketing program and what she learned from running the program for […]

[Infographic] Influencer Marketing Stats And Facts 2016

Influencers are becoming the most cost-effective marketing strategy these days. The influencers’ high rates of engagement with the non-intrusive brand collaboration content, push more companies to go in this direction. A look at key statistics about influencer marketing clarifies why this strategy is booming. Take a look at the stats and data to see why […]