The State of Influencer Marketing 2016

Influencer marketing is rapidly evolving. More brands than ever adopt influencer marketing and make it part of their marketing strategy. The fast adoption comes with a lot of new and exciting data about influencer marketing. Consumers on social media are brand-aware today and they are more accepting of branded collaborations. The accepting audience goes hand […]

5 Little Things To Build Relationships With Influencers

An influencer campaign takes time. First, you contact the influencers and help them with the creative. After all the hard work is done, it’s ready to go live and be posted online. And then the campaign is over. Suddenly, both of you, the influencer and the marketer have nothing in common. The intense relationship you’ve […]

Dear Influencer, Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Influencer marketing is the most important issue of any marketing team that plays the 2016 game. And the reason is simple. The clients want a life-like experience with their products. The ball is in their court now, and brands should listen to them. What changed so much all of the sudden? What changed is the […]

Influencer Marketing, From The Bloggers Point of View

For many marketers, influencer marketing is a new concept. They might be familiar with the term, but not so much with the actual outreach and collaboration. Following a previous blog post, where we learned how marketers who work closely with influencers make first contact with influencers, we decided it’s time to hear the other side […]

10X Influencers

Since the day I first read Rand Fishkin’s 10X Content I started looking for 10X things everywhere: in blog posts, videos, ebooks, movies, keynote speakers, you name it. Good content is everywhere, excellent content is harder to find. The same goes with social media influencers. This blog post uses Rand’s post format and seeks the […]

How to Find What’s Trending Without Buzzsumo

Trends change fast. One moment everyone talks about Snapchat, and a second later it’s all about Instagram Moments. My oh my, trends are hard to catch. Knowing what’s trending is crucial for marketing. That’s why so many companies address this issue. Google has its Google Trends, Twitter and Facebook are showing trending articles and hashtags, […]

Marketers You Must Watch When They Go Live on Facebook

Just by watching the Facebook Live Map, it seems like people are adopting the new Facebook Live feature quickly. On the live streams you can find C-Suite level executives, such as OKCupid Co-Founder, tattoo artists, and eventually everyone who are brave enough to live stream their life online. Though people embrace the new Live era, […]

11 Honest Tweets About Influencer Marketing

There’s a lot of chatter around influencer marketing and how efficient it is in today’s marketing. But to be honest, there’s a lot of hot air about it. To make it work, you must focus on the right things, and mainly – on the right people. The following tweets share opinions by influencers and the […]

First Steps For Healthy Influencer Relationships

You’ve made your research and found the influencers you want to collaborate with. Now what? How can you ensure they’ll respond, and that the collaboration will be fruitful for you both? To learn how to make the most of the relationships with influencers, we’ve asked influencers experts to share an advice from their own experience. […]