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The Basics
  • What is Klear?
    A social intelligence platform that helps brands and individuals build their online presence.
  • Why is a profile not up to date?
    Use the "Synchronize Profile" button (located beneath the tweets distribution pie chart). Our profiles show a long term analysis, and cannot be automatically updated for everyone due to twitter API limitations.
  • What do the users typecasts mean?
    Celebrity: Varies from Justin Bieber to a local celebrity
    Power User: Very active and popular user
    Casual: Regular active user.
    Novice: New or unactive user
    Calculated by all the stats you see in a profile page.
Profile Page
  • What are the smart stats?
    Tweets per day - Average rate of tweets per day since joining twitter.
    RT100 - Average number of retweets the user gets for every 100 tweets.
    Replies100 - Average number of replies the user gets for every 100 tweets.
    Followers Distribution - Based on a sample from the user's followers.
    Close Friends - Top 5 users that share the most 2 way replies with the user.
    Top Followers - highest ranked followers, based on a 5k sample.
  • Content Breakdown
    Famous words: all-time\recent most retweeted tweets.
    Plain Tweets: just text.
    Pictures: Instagram, Twitpic, Lockerz, Flickr and yfrog.
    Replies: Users that this user replies to
    Links: web-links.
    Songs: blip, soundhound, tinysong.
    Checkins: Foursquare.
    Retweets: by the user.
    Mentions: to other users.
  • Is the profile analysis based on all historic tweets?
    No, due to twitter API limitations. Based on atleast 1.5k tweets when applicable.
Search Page
  • How do you calulate users Age and Gender?
    Gender and Age Filters are based on a machine learning process. They are meant to help you browse through big data sets, and do not aim to provide precise results. Human Vs. Machine 1.0
  • How do you find users by location?
    Our locations data is parsed from the public data we collect on twitter users, to help you connect. To search by location start typing any City \ State \ Country in the search box, and click on the desired location under the locations segment in the autocomplete box.
  • Opt Out - Delete public profile
    We collect public data, and will never publish any private data. In order to opt-out of Klear please verify that you are the owner of the Twitter account. Note that only request the minimum information provided by Twitter for authentication. We won't store, display or save any of the data.
    If you have deleted your account on Twitter, please use the sync button on the right side of the main menu in your profile.
  • More Questions?
    We are always listening at @klear_com, feel free.
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